Monday, May 27, 2013

A House, An App and My Dad

Do you have time for a story? 
A story with amazing messages and even a few answered prayers
I hope so. 
I hope after you read it, you will dare to dream your God-sized dreams.
I hope you'll know the value of transparency, able to put aside pride and ask for help, knowing that when we help each other, community is born.
I hope it will inspire you to pray in thanksgiving for all you have and all that is still to come.

In order for you to fully appreciate this story, this journey, I'll need to start with the background of three seemingly unrelated subjects. Subjects which, after a long, winding walk, all intertwine to complete one another.  I call it...

A House, An App & My Dad

Desire to Care for My Family

A conversation with my friend inspired me a year ago to live with intention; dream big, bold dreams; and NOT WAIT to live and work toward my heart's desires. 

I love my house, but I have felt for years that we are not destined to stay here forever. 
This conversation, however, prompted a change in my motivation to move. 
I started praying for the place God wanted me and my family to be.
It wasn't about "wanting bigger and better" as it had been. 
It was about being in the place that was the healthiest, most inspiring place for me and mine.
A place that would be big enough to welcome as many people as we possibly could to share His love and grace
I prayed for a place away from the noise and the traffic, away from poorer air quality affecting our health...
a place near the water where I feel so connected to Him. 

There are two streets in Long Beach that have always drawn me, simply by the names: Corinthian Walk (how cool would that be?) in Naples and Napoli Court (my grandmother was born in Napoli, Italy) right behind Alamitos Bay. 

I started praying that prayer, asking God to help me discern the dreams that were in line with what He wanted for me when, THE NEXT DAY, a house on Napoli Court came on the market. 
I knew it was a sign. 
The house was exactly what I had been praying for. 
I prayed in earnest and asked Him to lead me down the path to realize this dream. 

Dreaming of Creating Community

In other news, I felt called to create a smartphone app that solved a problem of keeping up with the many prayer requests that came my way. I wanted to remember them all and do my part...I just kept forgetting who needed prayer and when!  So I began researching and designing one.  A friend referred a company who drew up plans, and, as if they had accessed my imagination, putting the designs in my brain to paper, I knew this was it!  

But fear and life's roadblocks took over - plus a healthy dose of doubt and laziness, and I put it on the back burner. 
How realistic was it that I could pay $20,000 for the app development? 
Once developed, would anyone purchase it? 
Weren't there other, more worthy causes that folks needed to give to?
I felt in my heart that God was leading me down this path,
but I got scared and turned away
(Story of my life...can anyone relate?) 

So the app fell by the wayside and the house sold.

His Love through Hearts & Crosses

Then Daddy passed away last May, and I was consumed by grief and loss, frozen at times from moving forward.  It seemed that whenever I got the ball rolling on a productive path, I got sidelined with lingering grief. Still, Daddy sent love to me in the form of "hearts & crosses," which kept me buoyed up and moving. I knew whenever I found them, he was saying, "Yes, precious child, that's the way forward. And I'm here with you each step."

The Finish
Fast forward to a month ago. 
I have been working on my worst trait ...never finishing what I start. 
I began working on the app again. 
I decided to move ahead with a crowdfunding campaign...God led again.  
"But when to launch?" I prayed. 
I heard a whisper in my heart...
"Make something of your grief...make something beautiful in honor of your dad...launch it on the one year anniversary of his passing to new life." 
Monday, May 27. 
Today is that day.

While working on my campaign, I visited others to get ideas and to support other dreams.   I read, wrote words of encouragement, referred through my Google account, and even contributed to a couple.  The site wants to foster community....just as I hope to through my app.   

As I was typing out my address on one such campaign donation, I thought to myself,
"Daddy loved the name of our city...he talked about "Long Beach" all the time. But boy I wish I were typing out Napoli Court right now."  I chuckled to myself - hadn't thought of that house in a long while.

The next morning I awoke to a thank you from the Staplehouse campaign. 
Next to their thank you on the left? 
A heart and a cross. 
Yes, my project is blessed, this sign was telling me. 
"Yes, child, you're on the right path."

Literally one moment later, I opened my daily real estate notification, and I saw the word "Napoli" jump out at me. I stopped in my tracks and took a deep breath, praying, "Lord, is there another house available on Napoli?" No, it wasn't another house. It was the same exact house that I had prayed for 6 months ago!!!! Back on the market. On the very day after I had continuously been praying for signs of confirmation that I was doing the right thing. I burst out laughing. God is amazing....and hilarious, I might add.

I have no idea whether or not we will end up in this house. 
I only know that God is sending me these unbelievable signs to keep me on His path. 
(With a little extra encouragement from Daddy thrown in for good measure.) 
I also know I haven't been this excited to move forward - maybe ever - in my life. 
I know this story has been written and I can't wait to live the outcome. 
I am living in faith. 
I am stepping out in anticipation.

I want to thank all of you who stop here to read these words.
We are building community.
I know, with no doubt, that I have been led here to connect with you, if only through the blessing of shared experiences. 
You are one of my many blessings.

I prayerfully ask that you visit my campaign and do what you can to help.

Spread the word.
Share on social media.
And will you pray with me? 

Pray DAILY for the success of this campaign. 
Pray that I will reach my goal so I can complete this beautiful creation which will foster community and faith.
In honor of my dad.
In honor of community. 
We are community here. 
I want that for everyone.

Without further ado, here it is...

Thank you for visiting me there...
...and thanks for reading.


  1. LOVE IT!! So proud of you, Cynthia and what a great idea! I have shared the Indiegogo link on my Facebook page and am pulling for you every step of the way. Love you!

  2. Thanks Liz. The whole journey has been pretty incredible and such a learning experience. So grateful to start seeing it through to fruition. Thanks for the share! <3