Monday, May 20, 2013

1000 Gifts, Mondays

Though this blogpost is planned for publication on Sundays according to my "weekly calendar," the truth is, there is never a deadline on expressing thankfulness.  So here it is a day late right on time along with a hearty thanks to Ann Voskamp and the weekly challenge on her blog, "A Holy Experience."  Enjoy.

Gratitudes #907-926

#907  For the power and miracle of prayer.

#908  For learning to say "Thank you God for doing 'X'" rather than "Could you please do 'X,' Lord?"  (Of course He can do it, Cynthia...He can do anything!!!)

#909  For the opportunity to teach two incredibly fun, interactive music classes on Tuesday.

#910  For the opportunity to teach one painfully brutal music class later in the week (Bless their hearts...7th and 8th graders who drove all night to be there...not a great formula for success!) and the opportunity for the class to end.  :)  Honestly, it made me grateful for those classes that are so rich in creativity and participation.

#911  For the women in my life who I could never replace in my heart...who shore me up when I am low...pray for me when I am weak...and laugh with me when we get together.  Beyond grateful for these women and those close to me who were not present that evening...

#912  For a chance to see Miss Bessie after 20 months!!!!  Two babies later!!!!  What?!?!?!?  Happy Birthday, Miss Becky!

#913  For empathetic and expert medical professionals caring for my children.  So fortunate.  And for insurance!!  What would we do otherwise?

#914  For Colleen getting through her AP testing relatively unscathed.

#915  Knowing that, no matter how bad things get, fresh flowers make me stop a moment and thank God for His beauty and grace


#916  For the praise band at our church and how they treat Coll like a little sister.  So dear...

#917  For my those two so much! 

#918  Knowing that my husband is selflessly taking care of our up moments and outings for himself when the three of us really need him.  Nothing is so special as a committed man...

#919  For yummy tapas made by special friends...can't beat a Caprese skewer in my opinion!

#920  For a fun afternoon at our house for Colleen and her friends, doing P90X in the studio then having pancakes for dinner.

#921  For iced milk water for my girl's terrible sunburn...ouch!  Thank you, American Cancer Society, for the tip!

#922  For a chance meeting with my dear, dear friend Sjaan Trowbridge at Disneyland...for catching up and joyful embraces...for realizing how lucky I am to have met her years ago as "the geriatric elf cast."

#923  For Braden's incredibly optimistic attitude, even in the face of illness.

#924  For easier breathing for my boy.

#925  For a beautiful Pentecost Sunday service...the church year anniversary for my dad's passing into his new life.

#926  And finally...a beautiful message from Daddy in the moment that I needed it most...on his church anniversary....along with one of my favorite Scripture verses. 

What a blessing...

Still sending hearts & crosses 1 year later

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

- Thank you for sharing these special graces with me.
For visiting.
For reading.
For living in community together.
Have a blessed week.

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