Monday, May 13, 2013

1000 Gifts Sunday

Thanks to Ann Voskamp and the challenge on her blog, "A Holy Experience," to chronicle my daily gratitudes.  So happy to be back in this space each week.  Enjoy.

Gratitudes #884 - 906

#884  For my beautiful children and their love and care for me on Mother's Day.  Feeling so loved and appreciated.
#885  For an incredible homily by Deacon Shane at church this week.
#886  For my daughter's beautiful voice raised in worship with our Praise Band.
#887  For the baby birds who were just born right outside our French doors.  Love hearing them sing.
#888  For The Young Americans show on Friday and Saturday and an opportunity for my kids to perform with them again.
#889  For gratifying work for my husband, work that fills him up and keeps his fingers in the audio pie.
#890  For a good afternoon with Bill & Annie and 25 year friendships.

#891  For my twinsies, Mary & Anna, and getting to visit with Mary in between shows.

#892  For my beautiful Ireland company manager, Brooke, and her friendship.

#893  For a good and productive Parish Council meeting before adjourning for the summer
#894  For new projects to welcome people to our church
#895  For a possible solution to Braden's continuing asthma.  Thank you, Lord, for this trial as an opportunity to lean on You for grace and answers.
#896  For a generous fellow teaching artist who took my class for me when Brae was too sick for me to leave him.  Thank you Ken! 
#897  For my favorite...a boat ride around the bay and throughout the channels
#898  For Colleen's friend, Jaclyn, who was able to spend some time with our family this weekend.  Loved having her...what a sweet girl!
#899  For the opportunity to share the show with Jessica on Friday...always so much laughter and elbowing....bruises abound!
#900  For a beautiful Mother's Day orchid from little Lizzie and her family.
#901  For catching up with old friends at the show.
#902  For shopping with Rachel, Colleen and Michelle on Mother's Day.  Fashion show!
#903  For my husband and how much he sacrificed, through a cold and sheer exhaustion, for me on Mother's Day...for the beautiful roses and card, gifts and work at making sure I didn't lift a finger.  Thanks babe! 
#904  For the example of my Aunt Lucille, investing in her writing and sharing her gift with the world.
#905  For my mother, mother-in-law, sisters and sister friends who I celebrated in my heart on Mother's Day...for their example and care, lessons and grace.
#906  For His care and opportunities to love Him and depend on Him.

{Would love to read your gratitudes
if you'd like to share below.
Thanks for stopping by.
And thanks for reading.}

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