Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stinkin' Sewage

{Warning:  "She's ba-ack" and apparently taking no prisoners in this post.  No warm and fuzzies here per usual.  Read on with this cautionary notice in mind!}

I was telling my friend, Miley, a few weeks ago about another backup in our plumbing, this after being under construction for a month for a previous leak.  I came home to find my husband ripping the carpet out of our den, fast and furious with his Exacto knife, sweat dripping and purpose driven. 

When I asked what he was doing, he replied, "I feel like this leak was a message to me from God.  Address things you've been putting off.  Rip out of your life what needs to be ripped out.  Take care of business."  I can't recall a moment in recent history when I've been prouder of my husband, listening to and heeding His Father's call.  (And I'm proud of him ALOT!)

While on the subject of stinky sewage and things needing to be ripped out, Miley and I started discussing those relationships in our lives that need addressing. 
You know the ones? 
Those that cause you anguish? 
The people who make you feel as though your feelings are the wrong ones, sympathetically clucking at your "oversensitivity" to their innocuous comments, while refusing to acknowledge that these seemingly harmless comments are actually passive aggressively meant to harm
The people who, no matter how many times you forgive and intellectually understand that their narcissism is a defensive act against their own past hurts, bring out the ugly in you?

"It's Satan seeping into your life through them, just like the sewage wants to seep in through your busted plumbing," Miley very aptly and humorously summed up.

Oh, how I love this woman.

She was right, of course.
Satan stinks and will do anything possible to get to us.
He'll find our weakest points, our most tenuous relationships, and ooze right in through our anger, fear or despair, leaching the God-focus right out of us.

These are the relationships in my life I need to let go.
Not out of anger or judgment but out of protection of my own heart.
I can be forgiving.
I can be kind.
I can be loving.
But I will not let Satan and his wily ways get to me while I work to strengthen my focus on Him who gives life...
Who gives peace....
Who gives unconditional love and support while I struggle to walk the path He's laid before me.

Satan, that wascally wabbit....
That dirty, stinky, mess of evil.
I cannot let him seep in.
I need to seal off those cracks in my heart vulnerable to his presence.

Where does your sewage leak in?
Are you being called to patch it up?
Is God making an announcement for carpet cleanup on Aisle 9, ripping out the fibers of your weaknesses?

I'm there.
And I'm rippin' (and patchin').
And I'm followin' (and prayin').
And life will be whole because of it.

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