Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wake Up

Can I tell you what I think are two of the most distressing words in the English language?

"I overslept!!"

What an incredibly stressful way to start a day.  Precisely how mine began this morning.

Now today was a day in which I had nothing to do yet everything to do
You know the kind?  

Three loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and organization of the general mayhem that accompanies home construction.  (Three months later, we have finally started construction on our bathroom which flooded over the holidays.) 
Three blog posts, two  newsletters and an updated bio to be sent to the higher ups at a new gig I just started. 
Getting the kids ready for and transported to school while my husband was up and out of the house at 6:30AM. 
So, even though there were no specific deadlines to any of these tasks, I felt pretty overwhelmed. 

Thankfully I got Colleen to school on time. 
Then I started on the process of preparing Braden for school. 
In the meantime, the clothes I needed to iron for him were in the outdoor dryer rather than his drawer;
I tripped over a pile of things in front of my husband's side of the bed and almost fell down;
I sat in something extremely wet on the upper toilet seat which, even now, I can only hope was the clean water dripping off of someone's hands after they washed them;
and all of my jeans were in the hamper instead of being available to be worn.


I said to Braden, "Boy, I am not feeling very focused this morning.  And I know exactly why...I overslept and didn't have the time yet to read my morning devotionals."

Enter one of the construction crew to start his job.
(Cue Spanish music station.  Yes, of course I created a 34 second video to bring you more fully into my world.  What a silly question...)

I knew there was no way I would be able to concentrate and do my morning routine once I returned from dropping Brae at school with the hullabaloo that was commencing at my house.

"Go to the water."

The direction stirred in my soul, and I immediately understood its command.  The water...what I call the peaceful, heart lighting location known to Long Beach residents as Alamitos Bay.  The very place I visited every morning for a year to read, commune with Him and get emotionally better.  I hadn't been in so long. 

"Boy that would be nice, but I really don't have time this morning," I thought.

"Go to the water," I heard again.
Stubbornly, I reiterated, "I really don't have time this morning."

From the dining room, Braden called, "Mom, could you please get me a glass of water?"
"No problem, Bud," I said, while thinking, "That's weird, he never asks for water in the morning."
I reached for a glass in the cupboard, turning it toward me as I lifted it out, only to be soaked by the half glass of water it contained.
"Whaaa.....why is this glass in the cupboard full of water?!?" I shouted.  "Now I'm wearing it!!"

Changing out of my wet clothes, I stopped for a moment.
"Go to the water," I heard a final time.

The unplanned baptism worked"Got it." 

And so I went.
Beautiful drive.
Beautiful scenery.
Beautiful passages to read.
Beautiful solitude, filled only, but totally by Him.
Beautiful, grateful heart to meet all of the day's expectations.

Thank God I finally woke up!


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  1. So, in this case, you being all wet is a good thing. :)