Friday, March 8, 2013


This word has been echoing in my head for some days now.
"Why?  What does it mean?" I keep asking myself.
I look it up.  Cliche'?  Yeah, probably, but also quite informative.
The definition?

"A particular evaluation of a situation..."
(But here's the clincher of the meaning, at least for my purposes.)
"...especially from one person's viewpoint."

One person. 
One brain. 
One set of experiences and opinions. 
One lifetime of specific influences. 
Right or wrong. 
Skewed or impartial. 
Despite all of the factors in the entire world, 
perspective is simply one person's viewpoint.

Thus, try though we may, as open-minded as we endeavor to be,
human beings are only capable of their own evaluation of facts and situations until another individual shares theirs. 
Don't care how evolved you are.  
Don't care how educated...
How mature...
How empathetic or psychologically advanced. 
If someone asks you how you perceive a situation,
(assuming that you're being honest with your opinion) 
you can only answer with your personal perspective.

Lately, I've been reading an abundance of heartwrenching epistles, posts and books from writers who are choosing travel to far-off lands, families in tow, to minister.  Minister to the needs of the indigent, the downtrodden, the starving, the poor in spirit.
But instead of being grateful to them...
Instead of thanking God for sending them...
Instead of smiling with joy for those they are helping, because of my skewed, slightly immature and ultimately narcissistic perspective, all I am able to read in their words is:

"Cynthia, you are not doing enough."
Or more accurately...
"You are not enough."

Is this what they're saying?
Are their words meant to accuse, to villify, to make me feel less?
Of course not!
Why am I interpreting it this way?
My lone perspective.


Haiti...Africa...Northern Japan...
So many countries with so much devastation and so many folks in need.
Why am I not there?
Why haven't I uprooted my family to go help?
What's the matter with my heart?!?

Oh, the self-imposed, unnecessary guilt of it all.
So how have I finally dealt with these questions?
Thankfully, through prayer.
And even more thankfully, God has answered my prayer with alot of patience plus a healthy dose of essential loving chastisement.

Why am I not there?
"Because I want you here right now."
Why haven't I uprooted my family to go help?
"Because it's not the right decision for you all at this time."
What's the matter with my heart?
(Audible sigh from God in my some discreet rolling of the eyes.)
"Are you really going to question My motives in where I've placed you?  The people I've placed in your path?  The plans I have for you?  The job I've charged you to do?  How little do you trust Me?"

One person...until you ask Him to join you.
One brain...until you open it up and listen to Him.
One set of experiences and opinions...until you ask how His wisdom and direction can guide you.  
One lifetime of specific influences...until He opens the vista of His wonder - that unparalleled, awe-inspiring beauty which changes your heart and makes you enough.

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