Thursday, March 21, 2013

At the Ready

There's a reason I sit at a desk and write.
There's a reason that I keep the room at a brisk 68 degrees.
There's a reason that I sit up straight and keep my notes and reference materials close at hand.
I don't want to get too comfortable.

We're in the final days of our bathroom repair. 
The paint days. 
The fume days. 
The sanding and dust-settled days. 
I told Drew that, inhaling all of the fumes and being inside the house for most of the day, I actually feel dummer...sorry, dumber.  Always one to see the bright side, Drew responded, "Don't worry, at least it's only killing off the weak brain cells."  Sigh...thanks, honey.

Anyway, I'm fortunate enough that I have a separate space to occupy.  Years ago, we converted our outdoor garage into a studio.  I used to teach my private voice lessons in that very space.  We have instruments, recording equipment, a drumming isolation booth, a TV, some lounging chairs - plus lots of workout equipment.  It serves the family well as a kind of hang out/workout space.  We have enjoyed it immensely.  So, yes, I'm very grateful to have it.

The problem is my temporary work set-up. 

I type, wrapped in a blanket because it's often cold in the studio, at my computer on a lap desk in a large, soft upholstered chair.  And because in my older age, I've shrunk even smaller, - now an impish 4' 9" (in another ten years, Drew will be able to carry me around in his pocket) - my feet don't touch the ground, so I prop them in front of me on a stool.

Feet up...
Reclined and relaxed in a comfy chair...
Swaddled in a plush and cozy blanket...
You guessed it....
I don't want to write.
I want to sleep!
I am too comfortable.

I'm starting to cut it close on deadlines and am totally distracted by these alien work environs.  I am not inspired by the view of a treadmill and electronic equipment like I am by my magnolia tree, hummingbirds and quiet neighborhood.  The canned lighting doesn't fill me like the sunshine does when it streams through my front window, warming my face.  I want to just close my eyes in this darker room and not wake up until someone else has done my work for me.


Oh, the dangers of getting too comfortable.
...of the darkness.
...of tiptoeing toward sleep instead of vigilantly working toward a goal.

So reminiscent of our walk to Heaven.
We can't get too comfortable.
We ought to steer clear of the dark.
Further, we should stay wide awake, heedful of those things which may seem to comfort us but may, in fact, be the very things which prompt us to let down our guard, relaxing our values and making us too tired to work toward our end purpose.
A spot with our Heavenly Father for eternity.

So in the proverbial bathroom remodel of your life, I'd suggest finding a well-lit, inspiring - but not TOO comfortable - space to inhabit, all of your best work tools at the ready.  I bet you'll find yourself motivated to get 'er done!  And get movin' on the matter of getting to Heaven!

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