Monday, March 4, 2013

A Wedding Wish

I'm deviating briefly from my formula of receiving messages and instead am sharing a message.  A messsage of love and well wishes to my friends, TJ and Tara, who will soon be embarking on that beautiful journey of marriage.

For any of you reading who are married, you may identify with certain stanzas, depending on the season of your marriage you are living.
For those of you who hope to be married one day, please breathe the words in and look forward to this most sacred of sacraments.
For all others of you, I ask that you think of a married couple you love and respect while reading this, and say a special prayer for them.

To TJ & Tara, I pray your marriage is blessed.

Those wedding days of lush bouquets…
The tender ways love sweetly stays.
Next newlyweds adorn homesteads.
No butting heads.  Love softly treads.
Once infants bloom in word or womb,
You’re making room.  The sleepless loom.
Wow. Family. Prosperity.
Longevity. You’re “us” - not “me.”
Then middle age.  It’s all the rage.
No wars to wage on the same page.
Next twilight years…the joys and tears…
Sharing your fears with heart that hears.
Your marriage grows while He bestows
The one you chose with depth, not prose.
His life’s bouquet, Tara…TJ…
Will grow your love beyond this day.

Love you guys...
and thanks, everyone, for reading...Cynthia

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