Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Got the Power

Before leaving for the UK and Ireland, I knew I would need a power adapter and converter in order to use my essentials.  And no, I'm not talking about my computer or iPhone.  These gadgets are handy, to be sure.  But the appliances with which I cannot do true essentials...are my blowdryer and straightening iron.  Let's put things in perspective, people.
Travelon_ USB_Travel_Adapter_and_Converter

Drew dutifully fulfilled my request to purchase said adapter the day before my departure.  He came home with it in hand, along with the instructions for using it. 
He took it apart before my eyes. 
He put it back together. 
He gave me a short tutorial. 
Then he handed me the written instructions and asked if I wanted him to review it with me. 
I had packing on my mind at the time - specifically making a list to be sure I didn't leave my blowdryer or hair straightener at home - so I told him,
"No, thanks, I'll have hours and hours in the Newark airport to review the instructions." 
No sweat.

I proceeded to promptly put it out of my mind, trusting that when the time came, I would miraculously understand how to use the power supply.  I had watched Drew's demonstration after all, right?  I understood where to plug what and that my handy new contraption would even take a USB cable to charge my phone.  (For those of you who don't know what a USB cable is, it's the white cable that plugs in any number of iProducts and smart input on one side, appliance input on the other.) 
I was ready to go!

What I didn't take into account?
All of those special little qualities that add up to disaster.

So, the second day after my arrival, in I plugged my adapter to the UK source.
In I plugged my hairdryer to my adapter.
On I flipped the wall switch that accompanied each Irish electrical supply mount.
Sparks flew, electricity sizzled momentarily accompanied by a "ZAP!"
then out blew my power adapter and my new hairdryer.


I hadn't read the instructions. 
Therefore, I didn't understand that I had too much of my power trying to be converted into their power supply. 
In other words, I wanted all the power without the guidance on how to properly use it.

Oh how many times in life had I done this very thing?
Wanting my power my way?
Wanting to skate by in the area of knowledge and wisdom while expecting my daily conveniences to be ever available?
Wanting to rely on information I thought I knew rather than to seek instruction on the true, the sacred?
And each time the result?
Momentary sizzle and sparks of excitement and success then...


Oh, Lord, help me read thoroughly Your instructions for my life.
Help me channel power in Your name and use it only for good.
Help me to spark electricity in others through Your Word and Your path.
Guide me as I adapt to Your ways in true conversion of my obstinate heart.

"All-in-One, Adapter, Converter & USB Charger
Model #02042

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