Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Going Up?

Try as I may, I have never quite nailed down the 30 second elevator speech.

You know the one? 
That short, concise thirty second narrative about "who you are and what you do" delivered with energy and enthusiasm to a business prospect...or inquiring associate...or complete stranger you run into on an elevator. 
A speech that should last as long it takes to get from Floor 1 to Floor 10? 
Nah, never nailed it. 
Especially after I stopped singing and teaching and began writing. 
I did work on it. 
Wondered how it should sound. 
But more often than not, it would come out something like:

Stranger:  "What do you do?"
Me:  "Well, um, well, you see, I used to teach...teach singing, well, I sang first then once I had kids I taught singing....but last year, well, you see, my son's diabetes was a problem.  And well, they never figured out what was wrong but I lost my voice so now (internal thought: "even though I have no experience"), I'm a freelance writer."

So eloquent.
What do you think?
A ringing personal endorsement?
Can you believe I didn't get any contracts from this synopsis?

After a little more than a year of freelance writing under my belt, though, with a dozen or so contracts, I started gaining confidence about my new line of work and the speech began to evolve.  The only problem is, the work I've been offered of late has come from my "previous life" contacts. 
Production work. 
Directorial work. 
Master teaching work. 
I thought I had made the switch, but it seems God has different plans for me. 

So confusing.

Just when I thought I had my response  to the "who are you, what do you do?" question pinned down, the answer changed. 
Now what? 
How should I answer? 
I wish it didn't matter here on Earth so much, especially in the United States. 
But that's the corporate reality. 
"So what's the appropriate response, now, God?" I found myself asking one day.
"Who am I now?" 
Like a gust of wind, the answer blew at me.

"You are His."

Inhale this sweet peace.
"Say it again, God," I requested, just to be reassured.

"You are His."

Yes, that's the answer.
I'm His.
I'm His when He wants me to sing.
I'm His when He wants me to teach.
I'm His when He wants me to write something profound.
I'm His when He wants me to parent.
I'm His when He wants me to be quiet...thoughtful...prayerful.
I'm His when He wants me to laugh...shout (even though it's bad for my singing voice!)...encourage.
No matter what the task.
The career path.
The job or the goal.
I'm everything I need to be as long as I'm His.

Now, please excuse me...I'm off to write that 30 second elevator speech!

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