Wednesday, January 9, 2013

God Says "You're Ready!"

I feel that the past two years have concluded a particularly challenging season of career changes.  Feeling as if I was finally surfacing, I asked, “Okay, God, what does the next chapter hold?  Send it my way.” 

Within the last two months, I had three job offers for short-term but ongoing, well-paying work.  Work not exactly in my wheelhouse but close enough that I felt challenged and also expectant.  I was thrilled and knew God was blessing my family.  I said to my husband, "God's opening new doors for us."

But Tuesday after completing the first day of the first gig, I was already fighting the darkness. 
I didn’t know what I was doing;
I didn’t know the people with whom I was working;
I hated the pressure of working at a skill set I had not already mastered. 
I began to question the path. 

The dark one took hold of these fears and threw in some special circumstances just for good measure: no recovery yet from this nasty flu, an utter and complete lack of sleep; and travel to unknown places (my Achilles heel!). 

Just when I began to spiral into a tailspin of panic, I cried, “Where are You?  I need You?” 

I heard in response, “You’re ready.” 
“You’re ready.” 
I felt awash with sweet peace. 
Of course. 
It didn’t matter what obstacles were in my way, whether realistic or self-inflicted. 
God said I was ready.
He wouldn't have sent me the opportunities if I weren't. 
He just wanted me to call for His help. 
He wanted me to thank Him for the challenges and lean on Him in the uncertainty. 
What an opportunity for faith and His grace.

So may I make a (fairly obvious and somewhat redundant) suggestion to you?  The next time you’re in your own personal tailspin of insecurity, call out to Him for help but know... 
He’s with you.  He may be carrying you.  But He wouldn't send blessings for growth your way without knowing your strength. He thinks you’re ready.

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