Friday, December 7, 2012

Miracle on, Deborah Street

Five weeks ago, I was deep in prayer for my neighbor who was ill. (Read here if you need to catch up.)  What I did not share in my blog post is that while praying for healing for my neighbor, I was also praying that God open his heart to believing...
that he lean on God in faith instead of on metaphysics for worldly explanations...
that he become open to the Word in his life so the chaos might cease and the restoration begin.

In this season of light and faith, it is with the greatest joy that I share with you...
This prayer has been answered.
It is a divine miracle, I have no doubt.

As long as I have known him, Jay has always believed in EVERYTHING -
I mean, the great news is, he has never believed in nothing
Over the years, he has had more than his share of physical trials and suffering.
A brain tumor, a degenerative joint condition that has left him in horrible, chronic pain, loss of work and vocation due to these conditions.
Searching, searching, always searching to be filled by....something.
Argumentative, challenging, sometimes gently mocking faith.
Still his call to me would always be, "Would you pray to your god for me?  I'm asking everyone I know to pray to whichever god they worship."
And I would answer, "Of course, I'll pray to God for you."
Then secretly, I would pray for his requested intention plus some extra...
Like, "Okay, Lord, this is in Your his heart to believe.  He needs it." 
Sneaky, I know.

Maybe I didn't mean my prayers enough at the time.
Or maybe it just wasn't time for him.
Maybe Jay had to go through more.
But after the severity of his illness in October, I redoubled my efforts and prayed fervently.  Many of you joined me, and it has finally happened.

He asked me the other day, "Did you know I started going to church?"
I tried to not look shocked as I said, "No, I didn't...which one?"
I was trying to be casual while inside I was really doing a Snoopy Dance.

We spoke about his new experiences for a while, how it was a hard adjustment for his family, this believing in something real that never was spoken of as real before, and he took me through his urgent frustrations and desire to share the journey with them.  He paused and looked at me expectantly, a look akin to a statement, "Right?  Isn't that right?  Shouldn't they understand I've had a major shift and follow me along this path?"

I paused, as always concerned about being forthright for fear of offending, but I inhaled deeply and took the plunge.
"I'm going to tell you something." 
"You're such a great guy.  It's just you can be very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very pushy."
He looked at me and said sheepishly, "I know, it's one of my worst faults."
(No argument?!?!  Instead admission and feelings of remorse?  ANOTHER MIRACLE!)
I said, "No, it's not a fault, really.  I'm just suggesting that you let your actions speak for themselves.  Continue to walk the walk.  I'm betting if you just quietly do your thing, your family will get curious as to whether or not this is a permanent shift.  Then if the changes are good, they'll be more likely to follow where you're going."
He said, "You're right.  And I also believe you were just channeling Him when you said that."
(My metaphysical, agnostic neighbor is saying "channeling God"?!?!?  Whaaatttt?!?!?!  Miracle #3!!)
Oh, and the for the record, since Jay was attributing my comments to Divine Intervention, I will say that I only intended to use 1-2 "verys" in the statement above...but I guess the Holy Spirit thought I should really drive the point home!

When I was getting ready to walk back to my house, I said to him, "I'm so happy for you, I want to cry."
And he welled up, saying, "I feel moved to tears all the time now."

Oh, Jesus, Lord of Heaven and Earth, thank you for listening to and answering our prayers.
I want you to know I'm calling this what I know it is. is a Miracle on 34th Deborah Street!

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