Sunday, December 16, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Still living joy with intention day to day this Advent season rather than taking the time to write about these graces. But today, after the incident in Connecticut on Friday, I am feeling beyond compelled to say "thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, for how blessed I am."  So here they are, nearing 1000.  Thanks as always to Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience  for the encouragement to share with you all.

Gratitudes #821 - 856

#821  Driving to get Nikki for a visit, all helping with dinner as a family
#822  Delicious pasta with Brawleys, Nikki and us - a mini-Boyne reunion
#823  Visiting with a newly graduated group of YA's, all migrating to Glendale to take on the production world!
#824  Gathering & fireworks at Annie's...that Drew could join us this year
It's official - I'm, now & forever more, the shortest in our family!
#825  Shopping at our favorite lot for a Christmas tree

#826  Christmas card photography


#827  The ocean - my favorite place
#828  Color & fashion symmetry
#829  Traditional Starbucks hot cocoa on the drive home

#830  Decorating the tree - Braden's turn to hang the angel  (next year, the kids are going to have to carry Drew on THEIR shoulders, they're growing up so fast!)

#831  Getting my dates for directing a tour in Ireland - end of January, you
can't come quickly enough!

#832  Love from my Daddy
 (Robyn pointed it out to me & waited while I took a picture...from my girls, "Hi, Daddy...")
#833  Girlfriends & God
#835  A few hours with Drew out Christmas shopping
#836  Gift shopping for our church adopted little family, looking forward to seeing their bright shining faces
#837  Drew and me grocery shopping for families without - a perfect way to spend time as husband and wife, blessed by God in our marriage, able to give
#838  Work on the website
#839  A new monthly newsletter gig, 1st edition published
#840  Jesus in the quiet still of morning
#841  Hot coffee, comforting in the ritual
#842  Setting up for another Movement For a Better World food delivery
#843  Braden going to the church to volunteer, so in his element
#844  Coll and Brae getting up early on a Saturday to go to the church with me, helping all morning, doing jobs to serve others
#845  Delivering the food to our family together
#846  Eduardo, Brenda, Andrea SOOOOOO precious, eyes lit with excitement as they helped us unload their Christmas gifts
#847  Praying in a circle together - me praying a thought then pausing while Eduardo translated for his beautiful Mama - back and forth, back and forth like a gorgeous pendulum of language and Him
#848  BIG Hugs all around before we departed - a promise to see them again in a few months
#849  Christmas shopping with Braden
#850  The rain, washing away evil, cleansing our world
#851  Finally, the cold 
#852  Thoughtful gift from Robyn, reminding me of his love & His love

#853  Having my children with me so often, our warm cocoon of a Christmas home
#854  Reading about Him, loving Him, leaning on Him
#855  That my children are safe, hugging them, caring for them, grateful for their lives
#856  Surprising, joyful, reassuring Word at church today

{I thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts.
I know we will all continue to pray as the world recovers
from the shock of ugliness in Connecticut last week.
Praying for you all and your families.
Looking ahead to His birth with love & anticipation
of its goodness in our world.}


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