Monday, December 3, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Visiting my many gratitudes today...the first time in a while (on paper!)  I decided to live my joys with my family and friends minute by minute the last few weeks rather than take the time to write about them. But today, a breather.  So here they are.  From Thanksgiving on - simple joys. Thank you, Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience, for the encouragement to share my blessings with you all.

Gratitudes #777 - 820

#777  Going to see the Freshmen Class of The Young Americans in their 1st show...New Kids 2012!
#778  Visiting with old friends
#779  Dinner out with Drew, the kids and Coll's friend, our wonderful Sarah
#780  Sarah & Carlos and their family - catching up after years

#781  Cooking together as a family for Thanksgiving dishes to share
#782  Colleen learning to make my mashed potatoes for the first time
#783  Thanksgiving Mass -
2 celebrants & 3 co-celebrants
#784  A gorgeous day with friends and family
#785 Constant view of the ocean

#786  A volleyball game on the beach (I watched but Drew & Braden got nice and sweaty)
#787  Family pics on the sand

#788   A sweet hello from my Daddy

#789  Decorating the entire house for Christmas with the family
#790  Braden hanging Christmas lights for the first time...becoming a man
#791  A night out with Jason & Jamye, in town for just a few nights
#792  Sydney and Kalen

#793  My Santas


#794  Young American students coming to stay for a week
#795  Jazmine
#796  Days of writing
#797  New ideas
#798  Helping with our youth ministry
#799  Middle schoolers & parents spending an hour with Father Jim
#800 Being asked to be a part of our church's Parish Council
#801  Braden's Fall Concert - a surprise solo for our boy  ("I didn't lie that I didn't have a solo...I just didn't tell you!")
#802  The Young Americans annual Christmas Show
#803  Watching Francesca and Sophia precious!!
#804  Seeing my old students in their element
#805  Bill & Robyn
#806  Jessica and David, singing like angels..."Ave Maria" & "O Holy Night"
#807  "The Life of Pi" - visually stunning
#808  Having Drew home for the weekend
#809  Braden attending the Youth Ministry Progressive Dinner & Caroling, getting out of his comfort zone
#810  Dinner & TV with Colleen ("This was the best weekend ever!")
#811  Sweet words from Father Jim
#812  Getting ready for Christmas


#813  Advent preparation, cherishing the promise of His birth

#814  Two Advent calendars down, two to go

#815  Choosing Joy

{Thank you for reading.
Thank you for loving Him alongside me.
May He bless your week.}

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