Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writer's B.O.

Call it what you will.

Writer's B.O.
Poetic B.O.
Spiritual B.O.

It doesn't matter the label. 

Between launching my CynthiaWrites website a few months ago, writing this blog, being hired for freelance writing gigs, keeping up with my social media obligations relative to my new field, and working on two independent projects as well, I came down with it.

Better known as...

My girlfriend asked me a couple of months ago how I could write semi-daily and not run up against a block.  I hadn't truly considered this and how blessed I have been to be supplied readily with topic after topic, knocking me on the head and helping me grow.  I told her, "Honestly, I just pray for God to give me the words.  And for Him to open my eyes to what I might otherwise be missing.  Then I can write about it and share it."

But after only a few months of trying to keep up with a very varied schedule,
I found myself struggling with topics...
yes, even grace.

Thankfully (pun intended), Thanksgiving came upon me at the very time the mental exhaustion set in, and I intentionally didn't write...

Wednesday in preparation for the Thursday event -
Thursday in honor of being present with family and giving thanks for all of the good God has heaped upon us the past year -
Friday in order to decorate the whole house (yep, top to bottom in one day!) and spend the evening with out-of-town friends -
Saturday just because I still needed the rest -
Sunday & Monday (because the dreaded kidney stones returned...arrgghh!).
The final two days I started to waiver because I was feeling guilty for not "doing my job" for so long.

Yet my will to rest outweighed my culpability in deserting my craft.
For, after all, why should I feel guilt?
The impetus in writing this blog - nay, writing ANYTHING
(including performance newsletters, social media articles &
yes, even copy for a website about bolts and hinges!)should be a willingness to listen...
to follow...
to love God and do as He directs.
It's only when I do simply "to do" that the intent gets muddy...

So I surrounded myself with readings of thanks,
words of thanks,
thoughts of thanks,
but mostly, things and people for which I am thankful. 
That's when the miraculous occurred and the healing began. 
So today from out of my rest and rejuvenation emanates much gratitude to Him who led me "beside restful waters" from which I drank, deeply and contentedly.

Thank God for Thanksgiving.
Thank God for a week of rest and family.
Thank God for reigniting my snuffed flame, kindling in me the fire of His path.
Thank God for bringing moments in my life of intentional living...
Being present through Him and with Him and in Him,
so I can stop "living" and re-start LIFE.

{Thankful for you all this day.
For your reading,
your patience in waiting to hear from my simple brain,
for your friendship in Christ.
Looking forward to a blessed Advent season with you.}

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