Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Poor God...

It's got to be frustrating being constantly subjected to my inner monologue.  The constant sullying of this perfect image He created, worn down and away by earthly pursuits, human discontent.

Poor God...

Don't get me wrong. 
If anyone can handle it, He can.
He is the Creator of the Universe after all.
Still it has to gnaw away at His beautiful heart to know that, despite His best efforts, His constant calling, that I am so susceptible to distraction. 
And in that distraction, susceptible to falling...again.

How much easier it would have been for Him to have created drones,
simple automatons who would
do without questioning,
love without condition,
follow without free thought.
Thankfully He knew what a mistake that would have been.
He didn't do it.

If He had, we would have never been capable of creativity, poetry, artistry, integrating our subtext into all of our personal works.

We would never have experienced the grandeur of the Mona Lisa...
the Sistine Chapel...
the Parthenon.

We would have never been blessed to read
The Iliad or
The Count of Monte Cristo or
the poetry of Robert Frost.

There might not be airplanes or rockets or even electricity.
Pizza may have never been created...
or BBQ ribs or strong, dark coffee or curried chicken.

So many creations, discoveries, visions, inventions.
Things which may now seem commonplace, seem ordinary in our familiarity with them, but in reality are glimpses of Heaven. 
His Heavenly vision perfecting itself in the humanity of His child.

Thankfully He allows the distractions in my life.
He gives me the freedom to choose.
He listens to the monologue in my brain...
lets me choose earthly pursuits from which to draw comfort or confusion or inspiration...
And quietly waits for my choice.

So grateful I've become most susceptible to His grace.

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