Thursday, November 29, 2012

Faithfully Fastidious Fridays

I finally did it...
Took the leap...
Got organized...
Followed all the advice.

I got myself ready for guests for this holiday season...drop-ins & otherwise. 

I hate that feeling of not being fully present during the holidays because
things aren't picked up...
or I'm out of snacks and drinks...
or I don't have a few projects on hand to fulfill an unexpected need for time with little ones.
I want to be intentional.
Filled with Grace.

So here are my practical ways at keeping my nerves at bay and my guests cherished this holiday season...


Aerial View:
Wine & Goblets,
Christmas Joy in my plate ware,
Napkins & Spreaders.
To the left out of view?
Candles, of course!

Ready to share Christmas cheer! 

Note the Christmas box, here at left, underneath the table pictured at top. It sits at the ready waiting to be opened by hungry guests.
Below:  Box top removed:  3 different kinds of cookies.  It all fits snugly in the decorative box.  Just add small platters, bowls and a spreadable topping for  - waa-laa -  Seasons Greetings in seconds!



The penguin tin in the frame at right?
Filled with craft projects for little ones who visit during the season.

Overnight guests are planned for as well.  For the three Young American college students we have staying with us for a week (Christmas show rehearsals and performances...can't wait!) in our roomy 1400 square foot California bungalow, I have called my kitchen baker's rack into double duty.Charging station for PDA's, three boxes favorite cereal (I asked ahead of time), coffee disks, napkins and lunch makings on the first shelf. Second shelf contains Christmas spreaders, a box of assorted snacks for after late night rehearsals munchies and plates to grab in the morning for bacon, eggs and croissants my husband makes them. Then they can help themselves! 
A close-up on the lunch makings box:

Clementine oranges, bread and peanut butter,
Fiber One brownies (in case they aren't getting their
fiber anywhere else), granola bars, etc.  I also included some Ziploc baggies for sandwiches and brown paper bags to pack their lunches.
(Late day addition:  I turned a necessary trip to the pharmacy into a minor grocery excursion this afternoon by adding apples & bananas to the lunch choices.  A few dollars for me, no additional trip and a little more variety for them!)
These small but purposeful steps are helping - and will continue to help - our family keep the noise at bay and the spirit of the Season in our hearts this month. So next time you're out grocery shopping, consider picking up various & sundry non-perishables, put them in a festive container, and wait with joy (not dread!) for friends to drop by and share the Christmas season with you and yours!

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