Sunday, November 11, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Thank you, Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience, for the encouragement to share the joys and thanksgivings of my life.  We're back from the Special Edition about my children last week.   Feeling incredibly grateful at this moment to have the opportunity for you all to share in my daily thanksgivings with me.  Thanks for reading.

Gratitudes #724 - 756
#724  Caring, competent doctors who tend my children - the kids' dentist is such a great guy
#725  The ability to pay for my daughter's Junior trip to Monterey
#726 Wonderful birthday celebrations for my children...people in their lives who care so much and took the sing happy birthday, send them a card or a gift, share their joy in my children's lives
#727 Rich and the banner day he orchestrated at Wipeout for my kids and their friends

On set!

#728  Rich, taking time out of his busy day shooting, treating Braden and Colleen like rock stars

Wipeout's producer letting my kids announce
the contestants who moved on to the next round
#729  Getting to see the inner workings of a TV set...been awhile
#730  Mary, her hilarious offerings, her making all over my kids...SUCH a great person!
#731  Getting to see old YA students now in full-blown production roles
#732  Nancy, Beth, Kirk - catching up
#733  Autographs and pictures with Jill, Wipeout's host
#734 A safe trip for my husband...that he only stayed 3 days this time

#735  A good talk with him on the phone while he was gone, grateful for his ability to listen
#736  A birthday celebration for Michelle, delicious Asian cuisine, yummy coconut cake
#737  Maddie safely home from NYC for a few days where she had been without power from Sandy for over a week
#738  Being asked to interview for service on our Parish Council...praying for discernment
#739  A lovely meeting at church for Movement - people beginning to know my name...this is BIG, people!
#740  Organizing the adopted families for Thanksgiving...talking to people who care enough to serve those less fortunate
#741   Watching Alias reruns with Colleen...she makes me laugh!  (Colleen, not Sydney Bristow)
#742  Breakfast for dinner on Thursday - I can make me a pancake!
#743  My husband coming home, waking up next to him, feeling so blessed
#744  Some good workouts...K.E.N.P.O!
#745  A much-needed hair appointment and two subsequent good hair days...hallelujah!
#746  Beautiful flowers for my daughter's sweet 16, arranged by her Mama with love
#747  Braden's sense of humor...fantastic!
#748  A good pair of metallic platform pumps
#749  Getting through some pretty intense days of grief relatively unscathed
#750  Trusting, hoping, praying...thanking Him for the great & the awful
#751   Shark Tank...I know, I know, ridiculous...but I love it!
#752  Continuing to dream & listen
#753  Hitting a high B with clarity, control and vibrato...gosh, that felt good - also a bit surprising
#754  Braden's descriptors of his Grandpa Joe when his religious education class shared about someone they loved who had passed on...the Dia de Los Muertos celebration (Day of the Dead) that we observe at our church on All Souls his words:  "A great Grandpa; very loving and kind; had great character; preacher, war vet, messenger"  (Messenger?!?  Come on, that kid is deep!  Sobbing...)
#754  Listening to musical theater songs with Drew and the kids at dinner, telling them about composers and history
#755  Family game night
#756  Last but certainly not least, so intensely grateful for every military, woman...Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard...past, present, future...those who fought and planned and drove vehicles and watched and strategized and went without simple luxuries...those who sacrificed their lives, their health, their time in service of our country and all who live here...thank you.  God bless you and yours.

Thank you, Uncle Pat (Patrick McGonagle) who was killed in action in service to our country in the Marine Corps during the Korean War...
Thank you, Uncle Billy (William McGonagle) who served in the Marines during the Vietnam War 
Thank you, Daddy
(Joseph McGonagle),
who served during the Korean Conflict
in the Air Force

{Thank you for reading...
For your prayers...
For your time.
Praying for an incredibly blessed week
for you & yours.}

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