Saturday, November 3, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday - Special Edition

I've decided to bring a collaborator in for this week's 1000 Gifts Sunday - Special Edition.  As we are celebrating our daughter's and son's birthdays on Monday and Sunday respectively, I decided to devote my week of thanks to my two children.  And who better on which to collaborate but my wonderful husband, father to these two miracles and partner in gratitudinal crime.  A special thank you to Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience goes out first for the impetus to share these special thanksgivings in our lives.     

Halloween 2012
(Our Valley girl and our nerd!)

Gratitudes #704 - 723

#704  Laughter tops our list...Drew and I talk all the time about how happy we are that the kids have such terrific senses of humor...Colleen with her dry one liners and Braden with his physical comedy...the perfect combo!
#705  So grateful the kids were blessed with wonderful intellect...
#706  Add to that the discipline that they both exhibit in dedication to their studies...that makes two proud parents!
#707  Thankful for two diverse personalities but with common bonds
#708  Colleen...honest, sweet, insightful, responsible, kind-hearted
#709  Braden...caring, gentle, compassionate, fun-loving
#710  Colleen...lover of children & babies, singing, guitar, mysteries, Vampire stories, math and writing
#711  Braden...lover of sports (ALL!), stats & brackets, comedies, singing - often harmonies, USC football, and PlayStation
#712  Both children...faithful, lover of God and family, devoted to us (sometimes each other), and always helpful in ministries & giving
#713  Working out together...sweating side by side to P90X - doing their best, forgetting the rest!
#714  Grateful for their love of food and years and years of cooking side by side
#715  Colleen with her ability to bake and her incredible waffles
#716  Braden with his desire to plan 5 course gourmet meals
#717  Colleen's beautiful curly reddish hair, deep set blue eyes, winning smile
#718  Braden's soulful browns, ruddy cheeks and hilarious laugh
#719  We're grateful and so admire both child's resilience...their strength...their ability to stay the course amidst some pretty challenging health issues the last few years and going forward...such courage...such examples
#720  Grateful for breathing, living blessings of our Father
#721  Grateful for these next teenage years (16 and 13...milestones, we're celebrating!), for the trials and the hormones, the future plans and looks ahead
#722  Thankful also for being on the verge of adding a driver to the family...she's gonna be awesome
#723  Thankful for this life, this love, this family

Soooo thankful for these chilluns!!

{Thanks for reading...
for indulging my personal prayers of gratitude here...
And for saying special prayers for my children
this week as we embark on a new year for them both.}

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