Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Love in Every Language

My friend, Annie, came over yesterday to take me to a belated birthday breakfast which turned into a reading of devotionals then climbing on the elliptical and treadmill in my studio for an hour workout.  The best!  I just love flexible friends!

She brought with her a birthday gift in a decorated envelope.  The envelope was titled:

{Sidebar:  I will not show her list in print only because, as much as I was touched, she was far too forgiving of my weaknesses!  ("I love that you love without judgement."  Yikes!!  Chewing fingernails, wondering how I can keep fooling her, hiding under the table in shame...)  But my reason for sharing the envelope is that, besides my daughter's birthday letter, this is the most touching thing I have received in a while.  If you ever have the opportunity, copy Annie and tell folks what you love about them.  It will brighten their day, make them feel great, and it costs you only your time.}

Okay, back to my point...

The gift waiting in the envelope was a 8X12 tin plaque...

Annie explained,
"Love in every language..."


Her comment put me immediately in mind of a song.  Remember Sandi Patty's "Love in Any Language" from the 1980s?  I started to sing it.

"Love in any language
Straight from the heart...
Pulls us all together
Never apart.
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will hear.
Love in any language
Fluently spoken here."

As we talked about the song and the gift, I exclaimed, "And it's in the shape of a heart for my dad."  Her next statement knocked me backwards with the joy it brought.

"Yes...and now he's speaking love in every language ."
Not "love in any language" but
"love in every language."
This filled me with warmth in its imagery.

I can vividly imagine my dad talking, laughing and sharing
with every being in Heaven.
No language barriers...
No political barriers...
No color barriers...
No religious barriers.

Only Communion...

Like the fierce howling of the wind,
the Holy Spirit, descending upon the Apostles in Acts 2, 
Heaven's language is but one language
yet fluently spoken, understood by all.
It is one blessed, beautiful and abundant language.
It is the language of God.
The language that transcends all others.
The language of His majestic heart.

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