Sunday, October 28, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Thank you, Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience, for the encouragement to share the joys and thanksgivings of my life.  This weekly posting is my opportunity to think back over all of the many ways I am blessed each day.  I encourage each of you readers to do the same...a great way to start your week...humbled, grateful and full of the Holy Spirit.   

Gratitudes #671 - 703

#671  Sitting in front of Shawn P. and his boys in church, raising our voices together in song just like 25 years ago in Young Americans
#672  My daughter singing the profound **first verse** to "Jesus, Be My Everything", the meaning mirroring her life.  (Tears!)
#673  1/2 caf, double, tall Cinnamon Dolce latte for fall
#674  Knowing that going to the movies with my husband, spending time together, is more important than any work I could possibly get done
#675  Argo...AMAZING!
#676  A visit with Neysha and Aiden...doing puzzles with that precious boy!
#677  Some work until 2AM paying off in quality
#678  Enduring a project rejection, staying firm in my faith that God will provide the way
#679  Real Southern food in Southern California, no less!  Lordie be, that pork brisket was incredible
#680  A sleepover for Riley at our house
#681  Our neighbors
#682  My husband and his many, many talents
#683  Smoked Fontina cheese...cannot. take. it.
#684  The Word all around me
#685  My migraine abating
#686  Laughing with Colleen and Braden
#687  Finishing all of my paperwork...for once!!!  (The bane of my existence!!)
#688  Lunch date with my husband during the week...artichoke & pesto pizza...delish!
#689  A good hair day...finally...
#690  Working out, sweating out the worry
#691  Fix-it day at the house
#692  A newly refurbished shower light
#693  Decorating the house for fall, my favorite season, with Colleen

#694 Honest, transparent prayers for discernment - knowing that finally in my life, I only want to do what He wants
#695  Ghirardelli 70% dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds...uh uh...
#696  My girl enjoying the high school football game with friends and her Focus group
#697  Filming Braden's America's Got Talent audition
#698  Finding out that Nikki made the UK tour in the spring...the one I'm blessed to be able to spend this time with her
#699  Bill, Robyn and Lizzie
#700  My beautiful Lisa Avery and her birthday today
#701  Grace from the Father to fill my sorrowful heart
#702  The Holy Spirit coming to me in my prayer life, just in time, filling me with Light
#703  Being told to just ask in the Gospel today:  "What do you want me to do for you?" (Mark 10)  An answered prayer.

{Thanks to each of you as always for your care & support...
your readership...
your gift of time.
As we enter November, the month of the Thanksgiving holiday, 
I encourage you to look at your many blessings,
the hope and health in your life
& the everyday tiny things that make life worth living.
 Then offer a prayers of thanks.}

**  (lyrics to song noted above)  **
"I've been looking for a reason.
I've been longing for a purpose.
Losing all my meaning...
I've run out of excuses.

Lord it's hard to know you.
I don't always see your plan.
But holiness is calling me,
So take me as I am.

'Cause you are my everything.
You are the song I sing.
I'll do anything for you.
Teach me how to pray...
To live a life of grace...
I'll go anywhere for you.
Jesus be my everything."


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