Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday (delayed but here!)

Whew...I've shaken off the darkness and am centered again.  NOW I'm in an "attitude of gratitude" as they say.  So the blessings following will be a compilation of the past two weeks events.  Boy this is a long one!  Feel free to read in installments - or look at the pretty pictures.  (Thanks as always goes out to Ann Voskamp and A Holy Experience for the weekly challenge.) 

Gratitudes #508 - 572

#508  Laundry & packing with Downton Abbey...folding never went so quickly
#509  A glass of iced tea in the sunshine
#510  My neighbor's kindness
#511  Looking forward to my trip
#512  A good visit with a new doctor
#513  An hour of getting my back worked on.  Be gone toxins!  Let the healing begin...
#514  Quizzing my son on his geography homework ("Mom, can you do me a favor?"  How can any mother ever resist that question?!?)  
#515  My daughter and her best friend working out together in our studio...loving hearing them laugh
#516  Peanut butter
#517  Fresh salads with fresh produce
#518  More writing work
#519  Another sign about my dream house
#520  My husband taking care of me so beautifully, with all of my nerves and anxiety, the night before my trip
#521  Lessons  learned in seat 36A, American Airlines (more to follow)
#522  Christine able to pick me up from the airport with Jeff
#523  Staying up with Mama talking until 1:30AM
#524  Successfully surviving sleeping, for the 1st time since his passing, in Daddy's bedroom
#525  Shopping with Mama!
#526  Audrey Grace, my beautiful goddaughter, and the timing of being able to be present for her Homecoming events
#527  A small town parade!  (miss these!!)
#528  A hometown football game
#529  Jeff walking Audrey on to the field
#530  Pictures after
#531  A morning with Mama reading excerpts from Maddie Stepanek's books, crying together at the depth and goodness of this angel born to Earth
#532  The florist at the market, her incredible can-do attitude and smiles
#533  Arranging flowers, 1st time making bouquets - soooooo fun!!
#534  Starbucks lattes and sandwiches on my birthday
#535  Mama's solo birthday song for me
#536  A good cry while ironing
#537  A wonderful visit with my youngest sister, Liz, driving to supermarkets for more flowers, making her laugh (best audience ever!)
#538  Mass with the family
#539  Driving to the beach with Christine...arranging flowers as we drove
#540  Seeing Margaret's smiling face for the 1st time

#541  Meeting Kevin's children...what a beautiful, talented bunch
#542  Kenzie's creative, quiet, sophisticated design style and willingness to help (and my delicious birthday cupcakes...thank you again Kenzie!)
#543  Tessa's photography and mischievous humor
#544  Toby's incredible song writing abilities and his toast for the couple
#545  Being surrounded by the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, one of my favorite spots on Earth (possibly favorite ?!?!?)
#546  The rest of Kevin's family, so lovely and supportive
#547  Decorating with the girls

#548  Carlye, my incredible chef niece, and her unbelievable catering for the reception...ooohhh, that jumbalaya, peanut sauce and (especially!) rosemary aioli were delish!!!
#549  Beautiful birthday gifts from my sisters
#550  A sailboat votive and message in a bottle
#551  White hydrangeas & white roses
#552  Margaret and Kevin's ceremony...idyllic setting, beautiful service, all family contributing
#553  Kevin's brother, Michael, and the incredible message he shared at the wedding as he officiated
#554  Butterflies and dragonflies....Daddy all around us
#555  The beach at sunset and a lovely reception
#556  Visiting with all of my nieces and nephews...feeling so incredibly grateful for family...Mae, Carlye, Caro, Sarah K, Audge, Christopher and all the little ones
#557  Late night at the condo and a walk on the beach with Sarah, Chris & Jeff
#558  Visiting Daddy's gravesite for the 1st time...a cleansing cry...3 pecans
#559  Getting home safely
#560  My luggage arriving just one day late
#561  Seeing my children (Colleen, "wake me up when you get home, okay, Mama?  even if it's midnight")
#562  A great late night visiting with Drew before he left on his trip
#563  Robyn and Lizzie for dinner on Friday night
#564  Shopping with Colleen
#565  Planning themes with Annie at her new house, a gorgeous view of the ocean
#566  An incredible birthday gift from my husband ("for fall because I know how much you love this time of year")
#567  The best birthday gift I've EVER received...a letter from my daughter.  SOBBING IN MY SOUP!!!!
#568  Email chain with Nick and a two year project moving forward...God is so good!
#569  Modern Family with the kids
#570  Trials and an opportunity to make it right
#571  A message from Uncle Billy followed by one from Daddy
#572  Message upon message for me at church yesterday

(Please enjoy more pictures below...)

{How can I thank you all for your readership. comments & support?
I know there is not a more blessed woman alive.
My prayer is that you are able to look around you this week in gratitude, even for your blessings hidden in the midst of trials...they are there!}



We wish you love...

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