Monday, September 17, 2012


I leave on Wednesday for a week at home in Alabama.  It will be my first visit since my dad passed in May.  I'm truly looking forward to seeing my mom and sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews.  And as an exciting bonus, my sister is getting married.  It will be a beautiful time.

Still, there is a bit of me that is sad about making the trip knowing that it will be the first time to visit at my mom's without my dad's red Irish face smiling at me, his clear ocean eyes looking into mine.  I have been talking to him alot this past week.  I've asked for him to be with me in my sorrow and comfort me in my need.

We went to the 12:30 service on Sunday.  It's so lovely now getting to hear my daughter sing with the praise band...almost like I'm up there myself raising my voice in song.  I feel that I am through her.

Communion came and the hymn was announced:  The Summons

We've never sung this hymn before at my church. 

In fact, I had never heard it before my sister sang it at my father's bedside
in his final days. 

When she suggested that it be sung at his funeral,
my daughter and her cousin, Carolyne, sang it for him...
in clear, rejoicing tones...
with love and joy in their voices...
music void of tears, given as their final gift to him.

Afterward, Carolyne said she felt Grandpa beside her while she sang.  It was obvious he was there, holding her up and giving her strength for all of us.

When the song was announced this week, Colleen just looked down at me and smiled.  I did in return and we sang together, she from the choir and me from the congregation, the beautiful melody swirling around us like angels' wings. 
clouds,iStockphoto,nature,partly cloudy,skies,sunlight,weather
I knew my father was dancing around us, sustaining me and buoying me up, assuring me of his presence during my coming trip.

Best line..."Yes, I'll move and live and grow in you and you in Me."  Oh, yes, that is so true.  He will...and so will my Daddy.

Joyful I was...
not a tear in sight...
Thank you, Daddy, for speaking to me in my most vivid language...
thank you for summoning my faith. 

Photo credits:  "Sun rays shining through clouds" & "Close up of sheet music":
iStockphoto for Microsoft Images

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