Thursday, September 13, 2012

Open Sesame, Part II

I wrote in my last post about "Eph'phatha" or "be opened" as Jesus breathed in prayer over the man with hearing loss and a speech impediment in Mark's Gospel reading.  Aside from the wonderful message of living to be spiritually opened that I derived from the reading, however, it also made me take pause to wonder about the content in a more literal sense.

I have a friend with a son who was born with profound hearing loss in both ears.  She and her husband have made a world of sound for him through cochlear implant surgery - the marvels of modern technology are astounding - and I know he has brought them a world of joy.  But as I listened to the Gospel reading on Sunday, I wondered...

How does God choose who is to be opened?

I wasn't wondering this in an accusatory fashion (shades of Bitter Betty from a former life were nowhere to be seen)
but truly just wondering.

How did the man in the Gospel reading get chosen to be opened but my friend's son did not?
How did my son's pancreas not get chosen to be opened to healing and insulin production?
How did my daughter's spinal column not get chosen to be healed of it's curves?
How did another two of my nearest and dearest not have their children chosen to be relieved of their Asperger's and PDD?
What's that ever elusive lottery number we've not been revealed?

I can't tell you the number of people I've known throughout the years with a child who has a special physical, mental, or emotional need of some sort...
Friends, sisters, cousins, colleagues, acquaintances all with a common prayer.
That their child will be chosen.
That their child will be opened.

Some children have been clinically worse than others.
Some families have the financial ability to help and others have the ability to simply cover them with love.
So many women...
So much loss...
So many to comfort and support...
So many to call to empathize....
So many to pray for and to pray for me in return....
So much community.

Do you see as my list continues what was revealed to me?

We - as community - have effectively been chosen,
opened to His Word and His Will through these children.
We - as community - might never have found each other and
the strength of His love through one another if it weren't for His choice.

So in reality, our children were chosen.
But not as an example of loss.
They were chosen to serve as a bond for community to be strengthened.

They were chosen by Him to serve as a link...
A lesson...
A light in our unconscious darkness.

We, through our children, have been opened to a faith
we might have never known.
We, through our chosen ones, have strengthened our community
with the light of His love.
We, through community, have been called to openly bless others who feel -
at one point or another - like they were not chosen.

Oh, to be chosen in this way.
My heart is full of thanks...
and open to every other blessing He has in store.

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