Monday, September 10, 2012

Open Sesame - Part I

As I looked over at my 12 year old boy and the darling red-headed girl serving the altar next to him on Sunday, I caught them both with their mouths wide open, the lethargy from the heat and the ritual expressing itself in an enormous yawn.  I thought wryly to myself, "I don't believe that was what Jesus meant when he said "Eph'phatha" (or 'be opened') in the Gospel reading today."  Hilarious...

I love that reading. 

The one where Jesus takes the man aside and heals him. 
The man with the hearing loss and the speech impediment. 
The man who is likely ostracized by community for his brokenness.
The man who stands in faith as our Lord sticks
his very own fingers in the damaged ears, spits, touches his tongue and sighs,
"Eph'phatha" - be opened -
as He looks up to Heaven.
The man who miraculously regains his hearing and speaks plainly.
The man whose ears open.
The man whose mouth opens.

Oh, how his heart was open for this change to take place.

I want "Eph'phatha."
I want to be opened.
I want my brokenness to be healed.
I want to lay aside my fears and stand in faith.
I want Jesus to whisper to Heaven on my behalf.
I want my ears to be opened to His Word and His life.
I want my tongue to be loosed to proclaim His glory.

I want to walk away from my time with Him each day
knowing that a miracle has occurred.

I pray for "Eph'phatha" each day.
I pray to stay open to His changes in my heart.


  1. I love this! I just prayed for almost this same thing the other night and tonight I read this from you. Coincidence? You and I both know not.. Our Dads are in cahoots!! Thamk you for being such an instrument- letting God use you through your words. What a gift!

  2. This comment made my heart so happy, Karen. Thanks for sharing it. Our dads are precious! Love you. Love to the family.