Monday, August 27, 2012

Use Your Words

Out of the blue on Saturday, my fifteen year old daughter posed a question to my husband and me:

"If the only choices you had were not being able to use your voice at all or having every thought you think come out of your mouth, which would you choose?"

Without skipping a beat, Drew and I both said, "Every thought coming out."
"Oops...didn't mean it."

Colleen asked, "Are you sure?  Would you really be okay with everyone knowing every thought?"

Drew and I appraised each other from our peripheral vision.  I said, "Well, I can't imagine ever choosing not talking.  Plus, I'm getting close to being okay with what I'm thinking being known."  I've cleaned it up alot in the last year!

Of course, what I was  also thinking - and glad she couldn't hear - was that most of the thoughts that I wouldn't want folks to hear are about my kids.  Something akin to,
"Why doesn't that kid ever clean their room?"
"If you roll your eyes at me one more time..."
"Lord, help me through the hormones." 
(Love you, you, Brae...just in case either of you are reading. 
Aren't you glad I edit?!?)

But her comment really got me thinking about how  truly hard that would be - to know that every thought that went through my brain...
though fleeting...
or out of frustration...
or in fear or anxiety...
would be heard, felt, judged, and have impact on those around me.

Though all of these outcomes would matter to me,
in the final analysis I think my real concern ought to be: 
"Shouldn't I be living already - each day -
as if every thought I have could be heard?"
Because, in reality, they are.
And by the most important One of all.

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  1. I would love to get to the point when my unfiltered thoughts are never hurtful. First, though, I have to get to the point when my filtered thoughts are never hurtful.