Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Questions and Answers

From the bouquet my girlfriends sent my mother

I was rereading my last post yesterday and wondered, "Why it is that I am still ALWAYS surprised at His grace?"  Why is that?  How dense - truly - am I?  That I would still be surprised and question?  That I would continue to look around me for another explanation for a "chance" turn of events?  Certain that I am just a speck in the universe and surely not worth the trouble.

And then when I am certain that I have exhausted every explanation otherwise and move ahead with the conviction that I've read the course correctly, why am I still blown away? 
Why am I bowled over at the clarity of His communication to me? 
Why am I - each time - overjoyed at His care? 
Shouldn't I be used to it by now? 
Wouldn't I tire of revelation upon revelation ? 
Wouldn't it become commonplace over time?

Do you ever question like this?  Hope not but if so...

It hit me.  (What a surprise!)

If we tired of His divine love and care, we would stop looking for Him.
We would stop searching Him out.

Mobile Bay on a quiet December evening
If we were not filled to the brim with reverence each time we realized He was the reason,
we would not continue to seek that feeling.
Not be open to all of the ways He blesses us; not credit Him with the glory.

A clear day at The Creekhouse

A magnolia bloom Daddy made sure
was within my reach

If we were not thankful for every moment...
Every step of the journey...
Big or small...
Happy or sad...
Prosperous or poor...
We would always be poor of heart.

Yet another beautiful trait He's given us human beings.
To stand in awe.
To appreciate wonder.
To feel elation and despair and every other emotion in the gamut.
To crave...hunger...thirst for His presence.
His peace.
His never failing love.

So I think the real question should be, "Why would I ever question why I am amazed?"

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