Sunday, August 26, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Breaking 400 this week on my gifts of gratitude.  Thanks again go out to Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience for the challenge.  This has become one of the most sacred parts of my week.  (Plus, I can watch Tivo'd episodes of the Nate Berkus show while I'm typing!)  I hope you all find a few moments in your week to reflect and find the things for which you are most grateful...a great way to start a week!

Gratitudes #377 - 407

Drew's birthday organized home gym & inspiration to run
a 9 minute per mile marathon in October
(I usually write pretty chronologically through my week, but this week I must start with my husband's birthday...the best!)

#377  MOST grateful for my husband, Drew, the birthday boy!

#378  Handmade cards for Drew from the kids, precious sentiments

5 of Drew's 14 marathon medals framed for inspiration

A little prayer of faith to run with strength the race  <3

#379  A great family gathering
#380 Boat ride on the bay, playing name that tune with the ipod

#381  A nine-minute marathon mile space for motivation (complete with Colleen's homemade sign)

#382  Drew's comment after the massage appointment we gave him (at the close of his 20 mile run...brutal!) & being worked over pretty hard:  "At the end of the appointment, I wasn't sure whether I should hug her or charge her with assault."  Hilarious!!
#383  Braden insisting that we ride to Costa Mesa and get Drew the USC-UCLA "50-0" T-shirt he had mentioned wanting...the car ride down...Braden saying, "We are the same person, Mom."

#384  Brae's homemade sign for Drew.  (for you "The Office" watchers, he took it from Dwight's party for Kelly..."It is your birthday."  Statement of fact.  This is more professional.  It's not like she discovered a cure for cancer.")  He kills me.
#385  In 'n Out burger
#386  Bristol Farms pastries
#387  P90X
#388  Reaching 12,000 page views and 160 posts
#389  The end of a (grueling) few months of trying to figure out how to design my writing website...major breakthrough!  It's almost done!  (Preview next week, hopefully?)
#390  The kids registering for school
#391  Watching Colleen take on leadership roles in high school

#392  Colleen learning to play guitar, taking it from room to room with her

#393  The Farmer's Market

#394  Singing next to Braden in church, getting up early to go together

#395  An incredible homily by Deacon Tom, a great message for my week
#396  Reading my mom's updates each day from her trip to Florida
#397  So grateful and happy that she is free and able to spend time with her siblings, exploring, eating, laughing, loving
#398  Annie's mom, Donna, healing from her surgery
#399  A drive and shopping with Drew
#400  A sparkling studio, cleaning with our own 6 hands (me and the kids :)
#401  Continuing signs about my big, bold prayer...the biggest coming to me on my dad's birthday (thanks, you...)
#402  More hearts & crosses
#403  Attending morning Mass together as a family on my dad's birthday, celebrating his life and memory
#404  Singing "Songbird" with Drew in the studio (he's teaching himself to play the piano...of course!!)

#405  A quick visit to the public records department...nice sign...who would want to wait in line for death??  Ummm, I'll take birth or marriage instead please?!?
#406  Watching Bruce Almighty again...oh, I love that Jim Carrey, says the physical comedy girl
#407  Morgan Freeman's quote (as God) in the movie:  "You have the spark.  You know how to bring joy and laughter to others.  I know.  I made you that way."  Oh, what a reassuring reminder when I wonder if I need to be serious in order to do His work.

{Thank you for reading. 
And would you please join me for one more thing?
Please join me in gratitude to our Lord
for sparing my family & all of the residents on the Gulf Coast
from the destruction of hurricane Isaac.
It's been a lot of years of havoc. 
Thank you so much...have a blessed week.}

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