Sunday, August 19, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Continuing thanks for all the good things in my life...all of the things for which I need help, an opportunity to lean on Him...all of the unexpected, messy, wonderful, hard, glorious things.  And continuing thanks to Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience for the challenge.  It has made my life more joyful, more centered.  I hope these simple exercises inspire you to be more aware of your own beautiful things.

Gratitudes #338-376

#338  Spending the last of only a few weeks of summer with my chilluns
#339  Ebay preparations, picture taking, raising money together for a trip
#340  Tivo-ing old movies to watch with the laundry folding
#341  Church mid-week - beautiful service
#342  Tom him!!
#343  P90X - take three!  (3rd times a charm?  Maybe this time no pulled back muscles or garage door concussions?!?)
#344  Kenpo X!!  Love this workout!  (Personal note to Tony Horton though...who exactly do you think is the same height opponent I'm fighting?  An eleven year old?  Wizard of Oz munchkins?  Oompa Loompas??)
#345  A fresh cut and color  (Priceless!)
#346  A day with Jessica, talking, laughing, crying, decorating
#347  Lunch out with Jess, Sophia and a plastic blue saxophone
#348  Making something beautiful out of a brown only space
#349  Unpacking china
#350  Sophia and Francesca and Hailey (Sophia pictured here with Liesel, the dog)
#351  Loving my husband, feeling so honored to be his wife
#352  Miley and Bryan, great friends
#353  A fun birthday celebration for Bryan, loving looking out over the water
#354  Finally seeing Chef Katherine in person
#355  Catching up with old friends
#356  Ping pong games with my boy
#357  A beautiful new "Cool Rain" blue for Colleen's room (pictured at left with a lot of cleanup left to do!)
#358  Watching Drew and Colleen play the piano and guitar and sing together
#359  Sitting in the studio, listening to their music, being so grateful for our humble home and life
#360  Little League World Series stories
#361  New writing gigs
#362  Figuring out new pieces to the website puzzle
#363  Colleen offering to make dinner
#364 shopping on her own and preparing every dish with her friend, Em
#365  Nikki coming for dinner when she gets back to town
#366  Moreys Music with Colleen, trying out new guitars
#367  Beginning of school prep
#368  Colleen permit test
#369  Shopping for chandeliers
#370  Creating pleasing picture groupings
#371  Sunday night out for dinner with the girls
#372  Mass said for my dad
#373  The Josephites Mission
#374  A heart basket (more on this tomorrow)
#375  Painting with Drew & Coll
#376  Planning a trip home to Alabama

{Thanks for reading.  Loving this exercise.  Loving this life.
And happy birthday today to my dear dad.  Miss you, Daddy.}

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