Sunday, August 12, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Thanks to A Holy Experience and Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts challenge, I have made my list of thankful things for this week. There are so many. I hope your week has been as blessed as mine. 
From Jessica's walk

Gratitudes #305 - 337

#305  My husband coming home Tuesday
#306  A good number 2 pencil
#307  A great dental visit...ahhhhh, minty fresh
#308  Hearing about another Daddy's life
#309  Some time with Drew home with me and the kids
Farmers Market orchids
#310  Some time with Drew away with the kids (in other words, I got a bunch of work done!)
#311  MUCH progress on the website
#312  New goals
#313  Big, bold prayer
#314  Lunch with Miley and Lisa...the highlight of my week!  Love my girlfriends!!
#315  Greek food
#316  My boy and his beautiful spirit
#317  A great trip away for Colleen, learning more about leadership, something that comes so naturally to her
#318  Colleen telling us all about her time away, sharing and laughing
#319  Colleen and friends volunteering to make breakfast for 150 hungry proud of my daughter
Look in the center at that heart carved right into the rock!
#320  Ping pong tournaments with Braden
#321  The most amazing heart texted to me from my friend Lisa
#322  Texts with Jess, God whispering her name on my heart, connecting
#323  New ideas and the direction to successfully get there
#324  Movie night with Drew
#325  Braden's response to our night out, "It's fine with me, Mom.  I know you and Dad need time just the two of you."  Waaaaahhhhh.....
#326  Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones and brilliantly crafted characters
Precious boy with the maracas!
#327  Farmer's Market produce... whoa, those peaches and nectarines.  Ambrosia!
#328  A budding percussionist at the Farmer's Market...soooo precious
#329  Lily Dang at church helping my boy at mass
#330  Air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#331  Beautiful praise band music today
#332  Father Jim's homily
#333  Good workouts
#334  Receiving a letter from my Aunt Peggy...that one knocked the breath out of me (in a good was like hearing from my dad) 
#335  My first heart sent to me in a dream...thanks Daddy
#336  A wonderful phone conversation with my sister, Margaret
#337  Dreams of the beach in September

{I thank God every day, throughout each day, for His grace and blessings in my life.
I count among these the ability to reach each of you.
Thank you so much for reading.
Thank you for the blessings you are.}

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  1. These are all awesome gift for Sunday i like to gift to their friend on this sunday in one of them.