Sunday, July 29, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

Still counting...this week's list for the One Thousand Gifts challenge by A Holy Experience follows. A reminder of God's love and all the things for which I have found thanks throughout my week.  What blessings did you find?  I hope many.  Have a beautiful week!

Gratitudes #224 - 266

#224  The Young Americans summer camp
#225  Don Strom and ride relief
#226  Bill and Jill Kerry's house and tacos while I waited for the kids
#227  Rafaella
#228  Jenny, the nurse at the emergency "A Knock on the Head" to catch up...don't make me relive it please!
#229  An  incredible new endocrinology team for my boy!
#230  The ability to check Braden's A1C levels without a blood draw...WHY have we not been doing it this way for 5 years?!?!?!?
#231  My husband and his support
#232  A purple hydrangea delivered to my door from the garden of my 80 year old neighbor, Bennett
#233  Summer at the Center, its 21st year, a reminder of my voice teacher, Dr. Allard and all the good work he wanted this program to's still doing it!
#234  Kids who have had troubles finding their way, hoping for more, wanting to "be something" and to "have people in their lives who love them"
#235  Knowing that my kids are safe and will always be surrounded by people who love them
#236  Watching Drew play drums, living, loving it, being filled up
#237  Bill & Robyn and their beautiful work
#238  Jarod and his gifts
#239  Jeremy and his heart
#240  Sitting next to Mary Leist, laughing hard after the show ("I'm sitting here crying in my chair and the band is playing the kids off with 'Shout?'  That's just mean!")  Love her!
#241My new the birdies
#242  Watching my kids perform, laugh, sing side by side with the Young Americans
#243  Braden and Colleen and two new friends singing a tight quartet in "Tea for Two"
#244  Braden singing "Stayin' Alive" in his rockin' falsetto...purple sequined vest and all!  Go 1970's!!
#245  Colleen introducing George Gershwin's work as an incredible composer, following up with the song "Somebody Loves Me" - which I sang ten years ago at a reunion show!
#246  Taking pictures after the show, getting signatures on T-shirts
#247  In 'n Out french fries
#248  Starbucks...don't need to say more
#249  Desi Dennis Dylan and a great job directing
#250  Jay-bo and his much needed stage management (plus he calls me "Mama")
#251  A mass said in honor of my dad's memory today
#252  All of the McGarity's serving at this mass in some way
#253  Getting to ask the parish to pray for the repose of the soul of my dad while praying the intentions at mass
#254  Much needed tears flowing
#255  My friend, Julie, and her comfort and support
#256  Deacon Tom and his wife, Pat sitting behind me at mass - orchestrated by my dad, I'm sure...thanks Daddy
#257  Naps
#258  The Olympics!!
#259  Diving, gymnastics and swimming
#260  Athletes and their beautiful tributes and stories
#261 Finding more hearts, hearing more heart stories, hearing how my dad's story is affecting the lives of people I don't even know
#262  Lunch with Annie, picking out her wardrobe for NYC...being proud of her drive
#263  Alex Little and living her dream at the Capezio Awards in NY...wish I could have been there, Al!
#264  Homemade chicken, artichoke, black olive red sauce with shells and penne
#265  Homemade risotto with amazing Farmer's Market produce salad...white beans & olive oil, everyone, white beans & olive oil!
#266  The Will Ferrell thank you speech from the Mark Twain awards on PBS..."youtube" it, folks!!

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    1. Thank you, Abdul. I've found it's a wonderful way to wrap up my way and a nudge to start the next one looking for ways to be grateful. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Cynthia! These are such a treat to read. Getting snapshots in your life of faith -- and just life with your family is such a wonderful gift to me up here! xo

    1. Oh, Nico, it's a gift to ME when you leave your thoughts here. Thank you for being generous with your time like that. LOVE this weekly exercise and so grateful to Ann Voskamp at a Holy Experience for suggesting it. Gratitude=good for me! <3