Sunday, July 22, 2012

1000 Gifts Sunday

My continuation of the One Thousand Gifts challenge by A Holy Experience blogger, Ann Voskamp, follows. A reminder of God's love and all the things for which I have found thanks throughout my week.  I hope you are able to pause for a few moments yourself to think about your life and all of the blessings rained upon you.  Have a beautiful week!

Gratitudes #185 - 223

#185  Cleaning out closets with the children 
#186  Colleen and Braden becoming entrepreneurs
#187  The ebay store developing in Braden's closet
#188  Fresh fruits and vegetables
#189  Michigan Red Tart Cherry jam
#190  The Tour de France (and an unexpected view of hearts & crosses while watching!)
#191  P90X!!
#192  Legs and Back workout - ouch!!!
#193  Gerber daisies, dahlias & white snapdragons, bringing a week of joy
#194  A hardworking husband
#195  Lunch with friends
#196  A much overdue visit with Wendy
#197  Realizing the grace God has shown our family in the manageable challenges my son faces
#198  Reaching 10,000 page views on my little labor
#199  Writing
#200  Creating
#201  Being inspired
#202  A few good cries
#203  Prayers & guidance, early morning devotionals
#204  Colleen beginning guitar lessons
#205  Planning the next few weeks schedule with the children, glad they are both going to be benefit from our Young American upbringing
#206  Listening to Coll & Brae laugh playing ping pong together
#207  Ping pong tournaments upon ping pong tournaments
#208  Laughing with Colleen
#209  The whole family working toward a goal
#210  Arising before the sun comes up
#211  Watching my children interact with the community, selling their wares, learning to be respectful in business
#212  Colleen finding Braden's Humalog, kind of needed to live
#213  Watching Vincent on stage, learning about grace and giving
#214  Lisa Avery
#215  Evan Avery
#216  Ethan Avery "in it to win it" onstage, reminding me of his parents, two of my dearest friends
#217  An incredible camp show
#218  Harriett and Ernie Langley, wonderful parents of my dear Lisa
#219  Ernie telling me, "I read your blog all the time" - sobbing in my soup, people!!
#220  Lizzie Brawley and being hilarious
#221  Salmon and brown rice when I was STARVING
#222  Bill singing Lizzie to sleep, loving the richness of his baritone and the gorgeous vibrato I don't hear often anymore
#223  Finally, a good night's sleep

{Grateful also for your love and support, all comments and sharing. 
And thank you all Facebook friends for liking and commenting
on my 10,000 page views. 
It makes it easier to find the impetus to continue on. 
Thank you all.}