Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Covert Prayer...Answered

Dear family, friends, readers who are my brothers and sisters in Christ...

Thank you for continuing to check in on my humble words here over the two weeks I've been away.  I hope you have found a backlog of blog posts that have comforted you, made you laugh or helped answer a prayerful question you've been asking.

For me, just over a week ago, I was granted an answer to my own desperate plea...
you may find the request at A Covert Prayer.

So it is with a heavy heart for me but a joyful heart for my father that I share with you the news of Daddy's passing on Pentecost Sunday. 
As in life, my father's death was an affair of
and love
with his hands holding that of our Lord's
while slowly unwinding his fingers from ours...
but not before he was sure we were ready. 
His sacrifices, even at the end, are astounding.
I can never express how deep my love for this man runs. 
There are no words adequate. 
I will say that forever I will hold his lessons, laughter, joy and love
close to my (hurting) heart.

I am jumping back into normal life today (amazing how it continues despite such loss, isn't it?), but when I catch up a bit for my family and take some time to work through my grief, I look forward to continuing to share God's not-so-subtle messages to me with all of you. 

Until then, I encourage you to visit when you can and search previous month's posts for those you've missed.  I will pray that you find an answer you've been seeking.

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{Greatest prayers of thanksgiving for you and yours...}


  1. You father was an incredible man. His mentorship, guidance, teaching, kindness, and spirituallity touched me in ways he will never know. I did not have the chance to tell him how much he meant to me and that is my loss. My guilt at not seeing him in the last few years turned to sadness at the funeral and then at the graveside my eyes watered, there was a lump in my throat and my heart was heavy when I realized that I had missed out on a great opportunity. I re-read the letter he wrote to my wife over 27 years ago and his kind words and advise was still relevant today. May the Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen you, your sisters, and your mother in this time of need and for all times.

  2. Steve, thank you so much for your words. I know you and your wife were very special to Daddy as well. Please don't let feelings of guilt tarnish any memory or lesson you learned from him. I truly believe there are seasons to our relationships and the ebb and flow of life take us to and from each other...and sometimes wash us away for awhile. The important thing to to take whatever you learned from him...whatever he meant to you...and give it away to others. In that way, you truly honor him and touch more lives on his behalf. I know he would want it that way (I'm paraphrasing from conversations I had with him over the years - my being so far away and all - and I know he held no judgment about this issue.). Your family has been a joy to mine and we appreciate so much your support in this time of transition. Love to you and yours...Cynthia