Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Thousand Gifts - Weekend Update

Here, a continuation of the One Thousand Gifts challenge by A Holy Experience blogger, Ann Voskamp.  A reminder of God's love and all the things for which I have found thanks throughout the week.  I hope you find it meaningful and that you are encouraged to take pause to reflect upon all of the things in your life for which you are grateful.

One Thousand Gifts #21-38
#21  For my mother and all the gifts she gave me
#22  For the gift of motherhood, the greatest of all treasures
#23  For my firstborn - a beautiful, loyal, funny, intelligent, giving almost woman
#24  For my second (and last) born - a hilarious, diligent, sensitive, courageous tween little man
#25  For my husband who helped give them life and honors his job as father each day
#26  For a safe trip out of town for my husband and also (#27) for his safe return
#28  For the strength to get through four days of stomach flu, barely scathed
#29  For the example set for me and mine by other women and other families who take care of others not blessed in the way of worldy things...for their example of service and compassion
#30  For my sister, Christine, and all she does for our family
#31  For the task of cooking dinner which my children took on this week while I was unable
#32  For their ability to ALWAYS be okay eating breakfast foods, no matter the time of day
#33  For my new computer and the ease with which it helps me access the writing world (I was ready to chuck the old one out the window - so easing my frustration is an added #34 bonus!)
#35  For my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and each of my sisters, all mothers and all teach me lessons
#36  For my most current paid writing gig - it's really happening!!
#37  For the writer, Kari, at Sacred Mundane, who opens my eyes most frequently to the gratitudes I am overlooking
#38  For Deidra at Jumping Tandem whose words speak to me like friend who has walked the road before me and is leaving me clues to how to "get through" along the way

For these and so many more things in my beautiful, blessed life, I say "thank you, God."
I am forever grateful.

(last week's)
One Thousand Gifts #12 - 20
For friends who check in on and write to and support and love me and mine
For the mama and daddy birds sitting on a telephone wire, singing their songs of protection and praise
For their baby birds, nestled in an outdoor speaker, singing songs of need and reminding me of life's fragile beauty
For the opportunity to write for friends, helping them expand their dreams
For the healing of my daughter's traumatized mouth after extraction of her wisdom (teeth, that is!)
For the strength of my body, growing each day with care, time and diligence (not to mention buckets of sweat!)
For the restoration of my father's peace
For a growing online community of faith writers, prayer warriors and strong women where I find comfort, familiarity and acceptance
For God's word which heals me and is a "lamp unto my feet"

For these and so many more things in my beautiful, blessed life, I say "thank you, God."
I am forever grateful.

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