Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Covert Prayer

Have you ever begged an iffy plea
In strangled sobs down on one knee
Of Him who died upon the tree,
Who gave His life for you and me?

"Your servant, good and faithful, true
Who sacrificed our time and who
Proclaimed Your Word, gave You your due.
He's ready now to be with You.

Oh, Father God, he feels so lost.
Please weigh the good against the cost
Of mental pain, so torn and tossed
Such burdens born, such deserts crossed.

The water's dry, the well is bare
Your mercy, his reward so fair
For him who daily lives despair
'Who am I? What's this? Why?' and 'Where?'

His fertile mind which questioned all
Philosophies and theories small
But never questioned You, his call
Or faith when held against the wall."

That mind is faded, glimmers less
And for that reason I confess
I wish him peace, no more unrest.
No more crying, no more mess.

Let not our conscious minds be burned
With thoughts of help, in anger, spurned.
"We've got it God.  The lesson's learned!
Let grace seek him as he has yearned."

"He's waited steadfast through the years
To live with You without his fears.
Only laughter, no more tears
As the Heavenly gate appears.

My conscience seems as though it's done.
But his race ran, his vict'ry won...
It's time, Lord, please call home your son.
Just beckon, calling home your son."

Photo credit:  free_will07

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