Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nesting in the Rafters

I'm turning into a weirdo bird lady.  You know the kind...the one who sits and stares out the window at birds or who stands in her yard and stares at birds.  Either way, she's staring at birds and enjoying their antics WAAAYYYY too much.  Pretty soon, I'll be wearing a purple hat and carrying around a set of bird glasses.

We have a birdie married couple who inhabit our yard each year in the spring.  I purposely leave the hair shed by my dogs on the ground and don't sweep the patio so the birds have access to this premium nest building material.  (Sure, that's why you don't sweep, Cynth.  Not being lazy...only trying to advance the habitat of our feathered friends.)  This year, I've been watching the birds fly back and forth with materials, shooing away my dog, Bubbles, when she gets too excited about the birds' presence.  I want the birds to feel free to live in our backyard if only for a short time.  I want to feel that new life nearby.

A few days ago, I heard it...the peeping and chirping of newborn baby birds, hungry for their mother to come back home and feed them.  But I couldn't for the life of me see the nest and their little heads bobbing up and down in the rafters where they usually reside.  So yesterday, when I heard them again, I ran outside to listen closely, following their cries.  It turns out these innovative creatures turned our outdoor speaker into their new home.  Genius!  But unfortunately for me, the area is so contained that I couldn't catch a glimpse of the babies. 

I circled it from underneath...nothing.
I climbed on a stool and craned my neck...nothing.
I knew I couldn't get too close or touch the area or their mother would abandon them, so I stopped trying.
The disappointment was palpable...knowing they were there but unable to see them.

Yesterday's gospel reading from Luke finds Jesus among His disciples, appearing to them after He had been crucified.  The men were terrified.  They thought it was a trick.  They didn't know if He was an impostor or a ghost. 

Jesus set their minds at ease with four simple words:  "Peace Be To You."  Then He reassured them further, showing them His hands and His feet, letting them touch Him and eating a piece of fish in their presence...all to demonstrate His life after death and rising from the dead.  Their eyes were opened with these proofs and they were filled with joy. 

I cannot imagine the wonder of being there for this miraculous event.  Yet I am so grateful the apostles saw and believed, sharing the Word with generations to come.

I am charged with believing in His new life even though I cannot see Jesus in the flesh.  It is disappointing sometimes to not be able to touch Him; converse with Him in a mortal way; see Him in His heavenly glory.  But just like my little birds in the hidden nest, I feel joy whenever He is near.  I hear Him singing His sweet song in my ear.  I want to make room in my home and heart for His presence, shooing away that which may hurt my relationship with Him or distract me from Him.  True, I crane my neck to see Him to no avail.  But I stop looking for a visible body because I feel Him near, and my heart is full knowing that He is with me in every season of my life.

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