Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Faith's True Measure

I love my husband and his dry humor so much...

Drew was rehearsing with our church band for Holy Saturday services over the weekend.  At the end of an extremely lengthy opening hymn, the choir director and pianist were contemplating cutting the last 4 instrumental measures of the piece, noting that Father Jim may likely not want to wait to begin the service since the song was so long.  From behind his drum kit, my husband said, "It's been 40 days...surely he can wait four more bars." 

I love him...

This very apt observation from Drew got me thinking:  Now that the 40 days are over, what do I still need the patience and fortitude to wait out?  What measure of faith am I gauging my actions against?

Those continuing assaults on my faith:  insecurity, worry for my family and friends, the lack of vision for my path even when God is full body slamming me in a clear direction.  There has been real improvement in these areas in the past year, but my mind is still not clear of them.

Healthy living of mind, body and spirit...especially body!  (Now that Lent is over, will I continue my physical journey toward health when chocolate is back in the mix?!?)

Honest thought and language in every situation, no matter how daunting it seems.  Honest thought has never been a problem but the ensuing speech has often been, since there is a real threat that my honesty can be construed as uncaring.  I need to continue to pray for God to give me the right words and the right timing, so that others know, in my forthrightness, how much I care.

Ongoing transparency in my actions and intentions.  No underlying motive or passive aggressive behavior to color my true intent, my higher calling.

Oh, the daily struggles that continue after the Lenten season.  How grateful I am to realize that in dying for us, Jesus gives us the opportunity to answer our calling in His name, blessing us with His full support and love. 

What measure of faith are you still awaiting?

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