Sunday, February 19, 2012

Planting Seeds

After my being frozen in a chair regarding my writing course (see my entry, Dr. Seuss meets Dr. Jekyll) accompanied by days of ensuing prayer, last Friday in the shower, I got my answer.  (Am I the only weirdo who does her best thinking in the shower or before a nap?)  Anyhoo, I have been inspired for months by a particular graphic image of a tree and have been trying to incorporate it into my writing news.  It really doesn't make sense, but something kept telling me...nagging me...prodding me to stay after a connection.  So on Friday, after a fervent prayer for direction, the tag line sprouted from my imagination and grew into a concrete concept.  Finally, I had a goal, a list of things to accomplish, and some work I needed to research in order to get my idea off of the ground.  Then... computer broke down...
...wouldn't even boot up...
...uh oh...had I been barking up the wrong tree?
(Sorry, had to!!!)

So I stopped everything, praying, "All right, God, I've begun recognizing there are always signs for when I should slow down.  Is this one of them?  Or is it a mere fluke with my dilapidated, ten year old computer?  You're gonna have to send a sign, and MAKE IT CLEAR!  You know how dense I typically am!"  So I waited for answers to the questions:  Should I start designing a website for future freelance copyrighting jobs?  And should I desire success from it and other non God-related writing jobs, so that my family's territories can increase?  So that we can have more to give more?  So that we can free up time and finances and energy to work on behalf of those who need?  In other words, God's "least of our brothers and sisters."

That night, I opened my email from a website to which I belong, Funds for Writers, and read the following title from the editors' weekly commentary, "Juggling Websites."  I have never read a piece about website decisions before from this source.  Coincidence or sign?

The  next morning, my daily devotional reading began with a verse from 1 Samuel 18:14, "In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him."  I was afraid I awakened my sleeping daughter when I read this as I couldn't contain a loud, "What??" escaping from deep within.  The passage went on to proclaim that we must "speak favor" over every area of our lives and "...not simply our own lives, but over our businesses, our employees, our children and our families."  Fate or intentional message?

Lastly, Colleen and I went out window shopping last night, and all of a sudden, amidst the shop artwork, she exclaimed, "Mom, there's your tree."  And big as my vision for the future, hanging on the wall, was a tree in the exact shape and painted in the exact colors as the one I had been envisioning (okay, maybe less leaves but close enough).  We just looked at each other...spooky!  No doubt about the message now.

abstract designs,abstracts,borders,corners,decorations,designs,dividers,floral,floral decorations,floral motifs,flowers,leaves,nature,plants,visual artsSo, as I begin creating, developing, writing my way into a new phase, I remember that God's answers are most always easy, for He is helping us as we stumble on our way.  I remind myself that there is yet another I will not grace with a name as to give him credibility...that puts obstacles in our way to stop us from succeeding; to force us to give up when it gets too hard; to make us question the gifts we're given and the answered prayers from our Heavenly Father.  How do we know the difference?  God is constantly planting seeds in us.  Seeds of discernment, wisdom, peace.  We need only ask for them through prayer...more prayer...unceasing prayer.  Then, when heeded, these seeds in our lives will take root and blossom into unparalleled beauty.

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  1. You're not alone, C. Greg says he is going to install a shower in my office (when Genesis finally has offices) because ALL my best ideas come to me while I'm in the shower! (Maybe it's a sister-thing!). I always say I have to be clean and well-fed to get the best ideas! LOL