Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

I've been trying for the past few days to find my daily dose of Spiritual medicine to take.  I don't know if it's the jet lag, my daughter's upper respiratory infection, my "from the marrow of my bones" weariness or the fact that my husband is working 2nd shift right now (great for me because I get to visit with him all morning - probably not so great for God because that's generally the time I spend with Him!), but nothing has been coming through.  I cannot find the remedy for this week.

My last few days of devotional reading and prayer time have clearly been directed toward people in my life with whom I have been communicating...about fulfillment, work/life balance, health, relationship with God, financial hardship, anxiety.  As I've continued to read, I've been reflecting, "Look, God, you should really pass this message along to "so and so."  It's more for them than for me.  Could we get back to my direction at some point?  I'm waiting for Your word." 

Not ten minutes ago, it hit me.  This is my path for these quiet days.  My
personal stuff is in basic order right now.  I am not in need of powerful help or clarity of direction.  I've been getting that each time I've asked for it for months.  My
course is to offer prayerful communication with those I love who are now faced with their big
decisions and rocky days ahead.  Those people who stood behind me to offer prayers,
protection and support during my difficult doses last year.  As I said to my girlfriend
on the phone the other day, "It's now clear to me why I had such a tough year last year. 
It's my job to show people how not to handle stress and big problems...they gotta
do the exact opposite of everything I did!"  No nervous breakdowns on my
deep-seated depression and anxiety attacks...been there and wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy.  No, it's clear that my lot in life is to have done it all wrong...and encourage others to do it differently.  Happy to be the author of the guidebook, "Handling Anxiety for Dummies."
I find that prayers of thanksgiving are the most soothing balm, even and especially for hardships.  As James 1:2-3 says, "Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."  So each day I pray, "Lord, thank you for this trial.  Thank you for the opportunity to draw closer to You through the need to lean on You in all things."  Or something to that effect...

My spiritual medicine has been swallowed and is ready to be poured out for others.  Thank God the only side-effects are grace, joy and peace in Him who cares for me.  Praise the Lord and pass the castor oil!!


  1. So, I had gotten a bit behind on my reading and I spent tonight catching up. This entry in particular struck me so much that I had to comment and I wonder if I might offer a slightly different perspective... Perhaps you are right and you are supposed to serve as a "cautionary tale" for others as to what NOT to do. But, respectfully, I think that is not the case. You didn't spend last year doing everything wrong. You spent last year doing the absolute best you could with what you had at your disposal at the time and you went through exactly what you had to go through to arrive at the beautiful place where you are today. I think you are less a cautionary tale and more a beacon of hope that you can go through the fire and come out, not only intact but infinitely stronger because you were tested and survived - no, thrived. You can't keep people from making their mistakes. Mistakes are how we grow. But you can comfort them when they are in the dark and remind them by your mere presence that there is always light after the dark and then remind them that they have tools at their disposal to make the darkness go away faster. Like language. Words are so powerful. When you are in the darkest times, make yourself give credit to yourself for the good you are doing. Did you get out of bed this morning? Woohoo!! Good job! Did you make it all the way to work? Way to go!! Sure you cried in the car all the way there, but Bravo for exiting the vehicle!! We are all going to have our trials - the hard parts of life are what make us learn to appreciate the sweet spots - but we have greater control over the direction of our lives than most of us acknowledge. Anus you are living proof of that, Sister. Love love love you!

  2. Bwahahahahahaha!!! I tried 3 times to proof that comment up there but my iPhone wouldn't let me so I went straight to Publish. So, how fitting is it that I have such a hilarious mistake in my post on mistakes? (For those of you who skimmed, the end should read "And you" NOT "Anus you".). Bwahahahahahaha - still laughing over that one! Life. Too funny. . .