Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help Me, Jesus!!

God knew I needed a hand today.

I awoke with an overwhelming sense of obligations.  The list ran through my head, "Laundry, gotta do the laundry.  Oh, have to grocery shop before my trip.  Pick up Colleen at 11:00.  Shoot, she also needs to go shop for treats for her secret sister in water polo.  Eww, I forgot that chicken broth leaked all over the cabinet...gotta clean it up.  Dishes, blog, pack, noon doctor appointment, kids...ugh, WORK OUT!! (I don't wanna...but it's been three days...still don't wanna.)  Doggone it, just ran out of kitchen garbage bags!  Today of all days?  There were 200 in the box and we run out today?!?  Ok, add it to the grocery list."  Needless to say, by the time my husband came in the house from his morning workout, I was silence and dogged energy.  Silence from Cynthia...never a good sign.

So the Lord came to help me.

First, Drew gathered me up in his arms before he left and said, "I'm so happy for your dad that you are able to go and stay with him.  You always know just what to say and just what to do.  I know you'll make it easier for him."  Waaahhh...although the part of "always knowing" could easily be questioned, I appreciated so much his saying it.  It was exactly what I needed.

Second, an email came from my mom right before I was to sit down and do my morning devotionals.  She told my dad she was going on her trip, and he said he thought it was a good idea, maybe she should stay longer than just the weekend, and he wasn't at all surprised that I was coming to stay with him.  Big, fat "whew!"  Things were becoming easier by the minute...

Lastly, my devotional reminded me that if I need to say, "Help me, Jesus!" thousands of times daily to just get by, to not feel bad or worry.  That's what He is here for.

So today I begin my laundry list of duties, saying, "Help me, Jesus!" with each step, secure in the knowledge that He will and is happy to.  Now, help me Jesus, I gotta go work out!

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