Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crystal Clear

Isn't it great when the messages we receive from God are crystal clear?  When there is no question that it is meant for us?  When there is absolutely no ambiguity whatsoever?

My husband looked over at me yesterday after the church sermon, and we just shook our heads at each other...no question, it was delivered expressly for my benefit.

The entire homily was about serving...specifically serving those infirmed, sick, and in need.  Even more specifically, it was about their daily care...washing them, feeding them, clothing them, waiting on them, and loving them through it - yes, because of it - all.

I travel this week to go and stay with my father for a few days while my mother goes out of town to celebrate her brother's 80th birthday.  This is my mother's first trip away from my father since he essentially became home bound.  My sisters and I will be in charge of his care while she is away.

I truly am looking forward to being able to spend time with my dad in this everyday living kind of way.  It is a privilege with which I've never before been blessed.  But the thought of filling my mother's shoes is an almost humorous one...talk about trial by fire!  She is larger than life in this role as caretaker, and there's no way, despite my best efforts, that I could possibly live up to her expertise.  So when Father Jim started preaching yesterday, expounding more and more upon the importance of the caregiver role and how rewarding it is - from the time of Jesus when He bathed, clothed and healed the sick to today in all of our varied, worldly roles - I knew the message was for me.  This was truly my Father in Heaven saying, "Don't fear, My child, for your earthly father will be taken care of.  Walk beside Me throughout your time with him and together we will ease his burden."

Thank you, Father, for your assurance, your comfort, your signs of strength.  Me and my father are so lucky you will be with us.  Wish you could join us for a fish dinner at Ed's on the Bay!

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