Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With Sugar on Top

Today is the second day of...what would I call it?  My sugar fast? My sugar cleanse?  Now for those of you who think this means I get to eat as much sugar as fast as I can, I must gently correct you.  Nor does it mean that I will shower with sugar from now on.  (Though I have had both a salt scrub and a cocoa massage.  True story.  In Palm Springs at the Esmerelda spa they offer the latter.  I decided to try it but, to my mortification, my stomach growled the entire time because the smell of the chocolate was making me hungry!  Needless to say, I never tried that again.)

No, the sugar fast is something I do a couple of times a year to rid myself of unwanted, unhealthy processed foods and carbs.  In general, it just serves as a good cleaning out of all the "junk" to which I become addicted.  I notice the first few days that my body tends to be unhappy and a little shaky.  But after the initial response (which I can only assume is probably a shock to my system - can anyone say "holiday indulgence"?), I feel energetic, healthy, productive.  It's about only allowing what is natural and healthy into my system.

For my regular readers, I know you've already detected the analogy.  But even I was surprised by the discoveries I made in likening this physical cleanse to a spiritual one.

Of course, it stands to reason that the more good things you put into your mind and heart, the more positive the outcomes will be.  For example, thanking God for my children rather than complaining about them, even in their most infuriating moments, I feel more patient.  Reading inspirational books and articles focusing on beauty, and I feel more optimistic.  (Sometimes a shame because I really liked "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series.  Boy, but talk about dark!!)  Envisioning the joy, prosperity and success my family will have in the future, then not only do I feel more confident to achieve those successes, I feel more compelled to serve others who do not have.

But I guess what I didn't realize is that when I move away from these good habits, I am 100% affected emotionally and spiritually.  I may have momentary pleasure from the complaining, dissatisfaction, and in general, unleashing of the beast, but it is generally followed by negativity, guilt and regret.  (Much like that second piece of chocolate the night before I started the cleanse!) I guess I have felt as though, like many people, I have been conditioned to see sorrow, pain, anger, and greed on the news and in every day life, so it won't really bother me.  So to know that I am not anesthetized to this kind of response makes me utterly grateful!  Rather than feeling like I am depriving myself of something enjoyable, I just need to have faith that the brighter path will ultimately lead to a brighter future, a beautiful outcome.

So here's to Day #2 of my body cleanse, soulful cleanse and (sigh), personality cleanse!  Wanna join me?

P.S.  Would love to hear from you as to your various, good soulful practices you use.  Please sign up as a member to comment!

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