Friday, January 27, 2012

Jesus With Skin On

I was having a troubling morning.  Nothing earth-shattering...simply the kind of morning that comes sometimes to parents of children who struggle.  I didn't worry long but began praying.  I'm getting a bit better at this...worrying less, praying more.  Always a more peaceful solution!  I knew God was with me.  I could feel Him all around me.  Still I was missing a bit that tangible touch of humanity to help me through.

It reminds me of the story I heard recently of a little boy frightened during a thunderstorm in the night.  He calls his mother into his bedroom and after she calms him, she suggests that he call on Jesus the next time he is afraid.  "Jesus is always with you," she says.  Not five minutes go by but a loud thunder clap and a second call from her son.  She gently reproaches him, "Remember I told you to call on Jesus the next time you felt afraid?"  Her son looks his mother directly in the eyes and says softly, "I know Jesus is always with me.  But right now, I need Jesus with skin on."

No sooner had I finished praying this morning but I received - all unsolicited - a text from my sister with a devotional passage related to keeping one's spirit-life calm and unruffled in the face of adversity; an email from a friend telling me that I am "touching more people than I think (with my blog)";  and a phone call from a friend who, after hearing my story, assured me that my child would come out of this stronger for the hardship. "The hottest fire forms the hardest steel," she comforted.

Answered prayers all.  These physical, concrete forms of encouragement were God watching out for me...taking care of me...understanding that in my earthly need, He should send spoken word, friendly voices, His assurances given through others.  They were my Jesus with skin on.

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