Monday, December 5, 2011

Sacrosanct Standup

I think God is hilarious...

I hope I don't get struck down for that observation and assumption.  But I'm telling you, God created me to be funny and to love laughter, so He knows reaching me in this manner will be the way to get me to listen.  Let me explain...

Last Friday, I received some really exciting news.  The press release I was hired to write for my friend, Annie and her event "DANCE EXCELLENCE" was released to the online press and went all over the world, even being picked up by the API.

I had to take Braden to school and then I wanted to call my nearest and dearest to celebrate this milestone...because now I can begin building my writing portfolio.

I called my husband...he wasn't at his desk.

I called my sister...she, who is most times reachable on her cell...didn't pick up.

I called my mom and dad...they are ALWAYS home on a Friday morning...they didn't pick up.

I hollered aloud in my empty house, "WHAT is going on here?  Where is everybody?"

Then I heard a metaphorical clearing of the throat by God, "Ahem, not to rain on your parade, Cynthia, but have you stopped to do your daily devotional reading and prayers yet this morning?"

I burst out laughing and said, "God, you're hilarious!  Of course, that's why no one is available."

I went straight to my favorite, pristine white chair in my living room, read for 10 minutes, prayed for a bit then sat there and looked around.  I didn't have to wait 5 minutes...the return calls started rolling in and those who weren't on the other line the 1st time I called started picking up.  Again...hilarious!!!

So as I relish the beginning of a new and exciting career, I am reminded to say first and foremost, "Thank you God for giving me the words, for sending me the opportunities, for loving me and caring for me and allowing me to work for You to expand my territories and Your territories by opening others to news and love of You."

He could quit His day job and become the most successful standup of all time - but thank goodness He won't!

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