Friday, December 16, 2011

The Peanut Gallery is Heard

It was almost a year ago that my life turned upside down, and I was unable to use my voice.  The hardest part of the experience was most definitely having to go to speech therapy and learn a new and "correct" way to speak.  During the process, I was put on total vocal rest and had to write messages to my kids on a notepad; couldn't go through a drive through window; couldn't speak on the telephone to family or friends; couldn't sing or teach.  Everything changed.

But the one thing that I couldn't do that was the most heartbreaking to me, I experienced in all of its splendor today.  I attended my daughter, Colleen's, water polo game, and as she caught the ball in position one, aimed and shot a strong and successful goal, I was able to yell, "Way to go Colleen!! Way to shoot the ball!"  I was so proud.  She was glowing.  The team was cheering.

Then I thought back to a year ago when I was depressed and downtrodden in the stands, unable to cheer for my child, and tearful that I had to ask a neighboring fan for the score via my trusty notepad.  In my moment of reverie, I thanked and praised God in the Cerritos Community Center for giving me a voice that could add encouragement to my daughter; a voice that could laugh at my friend's sideline comments; a voice that could thank the coaches and ask Colleen's teammates if they needed a ride home.  I thanked Him for giving me a voice that isn't required to do anything special now to be appreciated and applauded by an audience but one that can give my children, in our everyday, normal, humble, INCREDIBLE life, what they need to know how truly special they are and how blessed I feel to be their mother.

Ra, Ra, Ree!  Kick 'em in the knee!
Ra, Ra, Rass...kick 'em in the other knee!!


  1. Love it!!! God is great, God is good! Thanks for listening to Him and sharing with all of us. My love to you and your precious family.

  2. Thank you! I'm at the next game now and yellin' it up! And they won 5-3! :)

  3. Sobbing. As grateful for your beautiful perspective.