Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amen, I Do Believe

Displayed over the French doors
in our family room
There are a couple of words associated with church that I just can't imagine the service without.  They are words that I love. 

The first one is "Alleluia!"  I love that it is an exclamation.  I love that it is affiliated with singing and music.  I love that it is an exalted form of praise.

There's actually a great family story about Handel's Messiah that is a favorite of ours.  When we were little, my mom left the house after having had a big run in with my eldest sister, and when she left, Theresa broke out into the glorious "Hallelujah" chorus.  Little did she know that Mama had forgotten something and walked back in while Theresa was singing.  Boy, did she get it!  But still to this day, it makes me laugh to think about.  (Sorry, Mama, but it is hilarious.)

We're even instructed
from the boughs of our tree
The second church word that is essential to the service and to my heart is "Amen!"  It's the perfect little button up to a prayer.  It is one of the strongest expressions of approval. But mostly it is the profound meaning that makes it so dear..."So be it!" or "I believe!"   

I reflect on the meaning during this, the Advent season especially since I have "BELIEVE" displayed throughout my home every Christmas season.  It began as a "Believe in Santa" direction for  my children but has come to mean so much more over the years. 

We believe in the birth of Jesus, our Saviour on Christmas.  We believe in His love and joy in each of us.  We believe in the power of family, faith, forgiveness.  We believe in second chances for those of us who err.  We believe in the spirit of holy reverence for this beautiful season.  We believe in the gifts of life and each other. 

We believe... 

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