Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rain on My Brain

I've been laid up in bed for several days now.  I rallied for my son's and daughter's birthdays then commissioned myself to sleep away my infection for two days.  (Thank God, truly, for my beautiful husband who shouldered the family's commitments the whole time.)  I thought about this blog once during my illness but just couldn't muster the energy to write...and really had nothing to say.  Then this morning, on my second day of the new antibiotic (more about the 1st antibiotic later this week...oh yes, it's a saga), ideas and lessons began to rain on my brain.  That phrase stuck with me, although it's a little Eliza Doolittle-ish.  Maybe we could rewrite My Fair Lady  and rather than learning to speak proper English by saying "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain," Eliza could repeat over and over:

"Felt sane, not pain, as God rained upon my brain." 
Ok, give me a break.  I said I've been sick. Although somehow even I don't think this would fly with Lerner and Loewe.  Anybody have a better one?

Anyway, as I reflected on the last few days, a common theme began to emerge regarding a quality on which I need to work when I'm not well.  Although I prayed so much more than usual, my instinct was still not to  seek God first.  It was to ask "Why me?"  Thankfully, answers to this question were abundant as I read books from under the comfort of my furry blanket:

"In the future when I am tempted to ask the question 'Why me?' I will immediately counter with the answer: 'Why not me?'  Challenges are gifts, opportunities to learn.  Problems are the common thread running through the lives of great men and women.  In times of adversity, I will not have a problem to deal with; I will have a choice to make."  (Andy Andrews, The Traveler's Gift)

"Your sense of security must not rest...in things going your way.  I am training you to depend on Me alone, finding fulfillment in My presence....Instead of grasping and controlling, you are learning to release and receive."  (Sarah Young, Jesus Calling)

And again from Sarah Young...

"Look back on your life, and see how I have helped you through difficult days.  If you are tempted to think, 'Yes, but that was then and this is now,' remember who I am!...I remain the same throughout time and eternity."

So today as I write a bit more, catch up on the overflowing laundry and rest when I can, I will endeavor to seek God first in all things....in sickness, in health, in financial difficulty, in overflowing wealth, in failure, in success, in triumph, in despair...in ALL things.  Then blessings will rain upon my brain!

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