Friday, November 11, 2011

Losing Power

Riding the road of life in a little Honda Hybrid
I drove the carpool this morning.  On our way to my daughter's high school, we stopped at a red light and conversation happened to halt at the same time.  The silence was deafening especially to our neighbor who said, "Cynthia, did your car just stop running???"  I cried, "Oh no, we're going to have to call a mechanic.  I can't believe we just broke down!"  (Pause...) Then my daughter and I looked at each other and started laughing  because we knew that our Honda Civic Hybrid shuts down completely at stops.  Literally...the engine turns off.  It is designed this way to conserve power rather than wasting gas while idling.

Once we had our laughs, Riley said, "Has it always done this?"  Colleen and I said yes.  Then she exclaimed, "How many times have I ridden in this car over the years and I never noticed?!?"  We helped her out a bit and just chalked it up to the fact that we rarely stop completely while driving our short route to school.  That and the fact that one or more of us is usually gabbing the whole way, covering up the engine sounds.  As we reassured her regarding the strength of her powers of observation, I started thinking...

Whom have I overlooked in life that I should have thanked for secretly reserving my fuel, my energy?
How many years have I travelled the same path, only to realize later that I didn't see or hear those things that were right in front of me to which I was being led ?
On what insignificant pursuits have I wasted my energy, all the while losing the power of success that I have...draining me of my talents rather than filling me with productivity and drive?
How many people have reassured me that they haven't gone unnoticed as I busied myself with tasks other than caring for them?
What have I overlooked because I've surrounded myself with noise rather than silence, stillness, and reflection?

The power is in our hands...
God fuels us with the Holy Spirit.
And with our tanks full and our route clear,
I'm certain, people will notice.

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  1. You know, I was thinking about this the other day when I was in a small meeting. Usually someone "fills in" the silence - this time, no one did. And although I'd love to say that some profound insight arose after this period of contemplation - it didn't. But I think we are all a little more aware of our thought processes.

    And THAT got me thinking about the times that in my personal life that I "fill in" the silence. What insights could come from silence? What relief from the constant bombardment of sound could be had? What special "other sense" insights might I get? I resolved to be less the blabbermouth and more the quiet contemplative ... and see what happens.

    Your post was so much what I was thinking. Thank you for your insights!