Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School's in Session

Tonight was Back to School Night at my daughter's high school.  My husband and I braved the rain along with a multitude of other parents who want to stay in touch with their kids and find out a bit about their teachers and curriculum.  I was impressed at the depth of learning Colleen will experience this year and the very supportive staff leading her down her educational path. 

Go Rams!!!

One teacher in particular impressed me, not only with her warmth and humor, but also her dedication and attitude.Mrs. Davis is Colleen's Intermediate Algebra teacher (that's the old Algebra II for those of us who were in high school 25 years ago).  She came from a long line of engineers and followed suit, getting her bachelors and masters in the same.  After 25 years of success in the field, she thought to herself, "I love kids and I love math," and she left her lucrative career to start over as a high school Algebra teacher.  As she put it, "I'm here because I want to be." 

I'm here because I want to be...

How many of us are "here" because we want to be?  How many are led to their current journey by chance or by force and are simply going through the motions day by day?  How many are doing the bare minimum to "get by," trying to find stimulation and joy elsewhere, often in things and experiences that will simply mask the unhappiness?  I have led that life and I know the toll it takes.  I also know the life of choice...getting up each day loving where I am and appreciating life's offerings.  And the ironic thing is that I was often in the same job, the same mode, the same schedule each time.  The difference was my attitude. 

Mrs. Davis also said that she gives the kids an opportunity to retool and retake any exam they fail.  As she put it, "I am not here to watch a student fail.  I love to teach and I want them to learn.  I'm here to help make them a success."  As an educator for over 20 years, I appreciate this selfless philosophy so much.  She is putting the student first.  She is giving them opportunities to learn, even from their missteps.  She is encouraging them to soar.

When I think of this attitude of selfless care, it reminds me that this is also the way that we learn from our Heavenly Father.  We are allowed to make mistakes and missteps.  We are allowed to not always grasp the answer.  We often fail our tests.  But if we seek knowledge and understanding and truly learn the lesson, we are promised success!  We will soar!  We are given an "A."   And that, my friends, is a grade worth working for!

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  1. I love this one....I need to read this everyday before I begin working with my kiddos....sometimes amidst the overwhelming paperwork, governmental red tape, lack of funds for things we need, I forget that I'm here because I want to be....because my kids make me laugh....because they brighten everyday....because they teach me lessons in the midst of my teaching them...thanks cynth!