Monday, October 24, 2011

Round and Round She Goes...Where She Stops Nobody Knows

Why isn't she smiling?
When I was 5 years old, I would spend the majority of my free time in our music room spinning in circles.  (Yes, I was that kid.)  I would spin until I could spin no more then fall on our couch and watch the room rotate and dance around me.  Then as soon as it stopped revolving, I would get up...and do it all over again.  I loved how warped this altered state made the room...made me.  I know it sounds funny, but I always felt more creative while I watched it go 'round.  (Luckily, my love of the altered state didn't do too much damage in my later years.)

As an adult, however, I now "enjoy" the occasional bout of vertigo.  (Boy, it was lots more fun when I got to circumnavigate a room to reach this condition.)  It doesn't happen often...two or three times a year.  But when it does, it knocks me off my feet.

I awoke this morning to that dreaded sensation.  My alarm rang, I rose to shut it off and quickly fell back into the bed, the dizziness completely overwhelming me.  Most times when I catch it early, it only lasts a few hours.  There have been other times when I didn't realize it was coming on, and it stayed with me for a day or more.  These incidents are quite humbling.  You see, with vertigo you can barely stand without falling so you're really dependent on others to help you through your day.  (I have been known to crawl down my hallway when no one was home to get myself something to eat.  Extremely attractive...)  But this morning as I lie in bed thinking about how long it may last, I realized it is like any other human weakness with which we have to deal.  These frailties are all great reminders of how dependent we are on our loving Father.  Just as Job said, "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord," (Job 1:21) we too realize that everything we have - our possessions, our family, our health -  are all gifts. How awe-inspiring that Job continued to praise God even when they were taken from him.

So as I watch the room whirl, I know to praise Him, for He can take away the vertigo just as quickly as it is brought on.  We are nothing without Him.  We can do nothing without Him.  He takes care of us each and every day. And when we are too weak, too small, too stubborn, too stupid, too "dizzy" to do for ourselves, He steps in and does it for us, with us, beside us.  How lucky we are!  Blessed be the name of the Lord!  (And thanks, God, for helping me get quickly over today's bout.  I got my breakfast on my own...without crawling!)

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